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Five Ways to Solve Conflict Between Human Beings

Whether you like it or not, you will experience conflict or friction with some people you come across in life. Here are some suggestions that will help you get along better with them.

In sociology, conflict is defined as an antagonism and opposition between interests and principles among people. Common day to day disagreements, debates, divisions, and even historic wars and revolutions, are all good examples of conflict. It is impossible to live in this world without experiencing friction with other people in the social environment – such as school, workplace, or circle of friends. In fact, conflict is something that we almost run into every single day. Instead of avoiding it, we better face it head on and look for effective ways to resolve it.


How do you solve conflict with people in your personal life? Listed below are seven (5) of the most common ways that people use to resolve conflict with others. Chances are, you are already using some of them without knowing it.



In this type of situation, conflicts are resolved by a stronger party imposing and dictating his/her will upon a weaker party. By forcing the weaker person or group to yield to the will of the stronger person or group, resistance is eliminated. Bullies and their minions are good examples of the domination principle. While the “boss” calls the shots, the underlings simply obey – thus there is very little or no conflict. Strong willed parents are also a very good example of this. By acting strong and imposing their will, the children have very little room to object, question, or rebel against their parent’s decisions.


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This is a mutual agreement of both parties to give in or give up to some demands in order to promote a harmonious relationship. The goal of compromise is to create a win-win situation. No one loses and everybody benefits. For example, a teenager asks for an allowance raise from her parents. The parents agreed on one condition: that she must first maintain a certain grade by a specific date in the school semester. This is compromise. The two parties have clear cut expectations and demands, and if these are met, everyone becomes happy and satisfied.


Lack of control.

This is characterized by an agreement to suspend hostilities or fighting between two conflicting parties for a specific period of time. In romantic relationships, this is a period when a fighting couple decides to refrain from the arguments and take time to straighten things out. In a negotiating table, this is a time when ambassadors try to reach concessions. In war, this is a ceasefire.


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This is the physical separation of two conflicting parties in terms of residence, workplace, environment or social functions. Sometimes, the best way to solve a conflict between two people is to simply separate them from each other. Period.


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This is the process of adopting the culture and social traits of another person or group. In other words, the two conflicting parties learn to adjust to one another. They learn to adapt each other’s mannerisms, way of language, and even manner of dress and conversation style. By adjusting to one another, there is a better chance that attitudes of dislike will be erased and substituted by feelings of friendship.

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