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How to Identify an Adult Bully

Article details how to identify an adult bully.

Bullying can occur just about anywhere, among any group of people. Children are not the only people who bully. There are many adults who bully and who can do severe damage to others with their negative attitudes. In the workplace, is a prime example of where adults can be found and identified as bullies. Typically an adult bully will make someone else’s life miserable until they either leave or quit their job, but this isn’t the end to the bullying. When the person that they originally target is out of the picture, the adult bully will always try and find someone else to start picking on. The thing with adult bullying is that it is usually more widely accepted compared to children due to the fact that adults really have no one to turn to and there is much more at stake when it is in the workplace.

Adult bullies are people who are intimidated bu others because of their work ethic or their ability to perform their job. Adult bullies are normally found in places at work where there is a high level of competition. Adult bullies normally will always try to eliminate their competition at work in order to make their own lives easier and so that they do not feel intimidated at all. Adult bullies are normally people who will take advantage of other people who will make them look bad and less effective in the workplace.

Adult bullies typically like to target people who do well at their job and are well liked. Normally what an adult bully desires is more attention, so what they will try and do is eliminate the person who is getting most of the attention so that they can have it all for themselves. Bullies will almost always make life difficult for people who do not conform to their way of thinking. Bullies will always make life miserable for people because they normally have so much problem dealing with their own issues, that they do not want to be alone and the only ones who have to deal with problems in their lives. Adult bullies will also try and target new inexperienced employees or older employees.

Adult bullies always target people with talents or people who are good at their jobs. They will target people with friends and will do anything to victimize people with talents, even though they do not realize that if they put more effort into themselves and less into destroying themselves, they could actually do something better with their lives. Adult bullying is often overlooked and is something that should definitely be more addressed in the workplace.

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