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What is Attitude?

Attitude is an action in a definite way. A study on the attitude of human beings.

Attitude is as an action in a definite way. Animals cannot change their attitude, and only human beings can. A person who cannot change his dangerous or negative attitude that harms, troubles and puts him to a loss, is better than an animal. It is unfortunate that no university teaches attitude development.

Attitude of an individual is mainly result of social learning from the environment. Attitude comes from judgments. The three steps that develop attitude are called ABC (affect, behavioral, and Cognition) the affective response is desire. It is the psychological response that expresses an individual’s preference for an entity. The behavioral intention is a verbal indication of the intention of an individual. The cognitive response is a cognitive evaluation of the entity to form an attitude.

There is a link between attitude and behavior depending on attitude specificity, attitude relevance, social constraints and personality. Several things play a role for an attitude to cause behavior. For example a girl wants to have a drink at least once in life time but never does it.

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