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Apatite Healing Stone

Apatite is considered a clarity, meditation, creativity and weight loss aid. It also brings love, peace, inspiration and harmony to you and your home. Read more about the wonders of the gemstone apatite.

Apatite is known as a weight loss stone. Apatite is used to treat obesity and other weight and dieting problems. Apatite helps people to stay on their diets by suppressing hunger. Apatite stimulates the metabolism and suppresses the appetite, helping people to control their weight.

Apatite is also a mental stone that is thought to improve the mind, giving the bearer new ideas. Wearing apatite can help people to be more creative and intuitive. Apatite is also a meditation stone. Apatite is associated with the throat chakra and may help people to think, create and communicate. Apatite could help people to concentrate and focus and to have more clarity. It may help with learning, writing and other creative activities. Psychics use apatite for psychic insight. It is believed to assist in clairvoyance and opening the third eye.

Physically apatite can soothe allergies and arthritis and heal nails, bones, muscles and the nervous system. Apatite helps to heal the mouth and throat and cure stuttering. Apatite is used to treat high blood pressure. It helps to relax people with hypertension and restore clarity and peace. Apatite helps to heal the body’s glands, organs and meridians. Apatite is a cooling gemstone. It is also an antiviral gemstone. Blue apatite helps to increase psychic awareness, cleanses the aura and helps with lucid dreaming. It also suppresses the appetite and improves metabolism. It also assists the immune system and helps the eyes. Yellow apatite gemstones help to reduce cellulite, help to neutralize anger and help people with chronic fatigue and depression

Apatite is a good gemstone to wear and have in your home. Apatite is used synergistically with other stones in healing to enhance their effect. Apatite creates peace and harmony where it is placed. Apatite is considered a stone of inspiration. Apatite helps to connect the conscious and unconscious and the past and the future and it is used in ancestral healing. Apatite is associated with the astrological sign Gemini. It is also considered a stone of acceptance.

Apatite is also known as a manifestation stone. It improves and develops psychic abilities and spiritual awareness. Apatite helps to improve self expression. Apatite clears away confusion, apathy and negative thoughts and feelings. It encourages optimism and improves motivation. Apatite neutralizes negativity and improves the atmosphere. Apatite can help shy people to be more extroverted. It is believed to remove sadness and alienation.

Gemstone elixirs are one way you can utilize the apatite’s healing abilities. The healing gemstone elixirs are also known as crystal remedies or crystal essences. Make an apatite elixir by keeping a clean apatite stone in water near a window overnight. You can use this to treat many health problems. You can keep the remedy for a month before replacing it with a new apatite essence.

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