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Father in Law Rape Daughter in Law

A 49 year old rape her daughter in law.

“I’ve been raped by-laws, I imagine my husband sat next to me so I unrequited.”

This is the statement of a 22-year-old wife in the office of Women and Children’s Desk Magarao-PNP in Camarines Sur after he allegedly raped her by father in-law said Wednesday night in the province.

The authority wanted suspect, Edgardo Oxales, 49, father of the victim’s wife, who quickly fled after the rape knotty.

The deposition of victims kept in the name “Melissa”, passing around 10: 00 pm while sleeping alongside with her children and the light is off, she knew there stood beside her in the bed.

She thought that the sat next him is her husband.

The suspect allegedly removed the clothing of the victim’s shorts  she unrequited, because she think that her husband doing it.

She stop when she found it’s not her husband.

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