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How to Recognize a Lightworker

Lightworkers look like everyone else, so how do you know when you’ve met one?

The term “Lightworker” is generally used to refer to a person who is called to heal people, animals, or the entire planet. While Lightworkers have been with us since the beginning of time, they have been called by many different names throughout the centuries – teacher, guru, Wise one, and any number of other descriptive titles. Since the publication of Doreen Virtue’s book, The Lightworker’s Way, was published in 1997, the word Lightworker has come into popular use. Younger generations of Lightworkers are often referred to as Indigo Children, Starseed, or Starchildren.

Lightworkers are found in all spiritual and cultural traditions, but they share common characteristics with each other. While each Lightworker may follow his or her individual path to accomplish a mission, they all have a special sensitivity to life energy and are compelled to act in ways that keep them and the earth properly aligned with that energy.

Is it possible to tell who among us is a Lightworker? Not always, no. Many Lightworkers don’t realize that there is anything special about them, and those who do know will never admit it in so many words. So how can you spot a Lightworker in a crowded world? Here are a few of the characteristics to look for.

  1. Lightworkers are usually viewed as eccentric

    . They don’t try to be unconventional, but their broader understanding of life and their burning desire to know more pushes them to explore and experience different philosophies, cultures, and religious values.

  2. Lightworkers understand the value of conscious awareness.

    They work constantly to increase their understanding of and compassion for all living things, and to generate positive energy.

  3. Lightworkers are exceptionally healthy

    and seldom use either prescription or OTC medications. With an innate ability to sense energy fields, the Lightworker naturally gravitates toward nutritious food, natural healing methods, and a beneficial lifestyle. Artificial ingredients alter the body’s chemistry in a way that causes Lightworkers to feel foggy, out of tune with themselves, and may even make them physically ill.

  4. Lightworkers are most comfortable when surrounded by nature.

    Many live in rural areas and on farms, but city-dwelling Lightworkers will fill their homes with live plants and will spend as much time as possible in nearby parks or other natural settings.

  5. Lightworkers translate their beliefs into action

    . Some Lightworkers have careers in the helping professions, but whatever the job, you can spot the Lightworker – s/he’s the extra helpful store clerk or the always-genial delivery person. In addition, Lightworkers are all actively involved with organizations that promote peace, healing, environmental sustainability, and human rights.

  6. Lightworkers avoid the limelight.

    The mission is of utmost importance to Lightworkers, and they are not comfortable with the notion that a single person (especially themselves) should be singled out for praise. These are the people who work long hours to complete a project, then insist that the success of that project was a team effort – whether or not the “team” participated.

  7. Lightworkers instinctively incorporate their soul work into all aspects of their lives.

    They live their beliefs. For example, Lightworkers extend kindness and compassion to beings that others shun, and avoid involvement in any endeavor that may be harmful or hurtful to others.

  8. Lightworkers live simply.

    Material possessions have little value to them. They are affected by the energy that emanates from everything, including seemingly inanimate objects. An excess of possessions means an excess of conflicting energies, which causes Lightworkers to feel overwhelmed and spiritually smothered. Consequently, their homes often appear Spartan and they struggle to keep their lives free of complications.

  9. Lightworkers are averse to conflict.

    Instinctively able to recognize that every opinion is valid within the experience of the holder, Lightworkers know that opinions are never changed through argument, coercion, or violence. Rather than expend energy on pointless debate, Lightworkers will walk away and allow the other person space and time in which to grow in understanding.

  10. Lightworkers adhere to the practice of non-harming.

    They are attuned to universal energy; they sense the connection of animals, plants, elements, and the Earth to themselves. Lightworkers know that inflicting injury on another being harms the Lightworker, as well.

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User Comments
  1. Paul Shishis

    On December 21, 2007 at 2:54 pm

    Time to come out of the closet.We have to work together as one SPECIES.If we continue to sub*divide ourselves further.We are in FACT alienating ourselves.

  2. Kandice Thompson

    On October 2, 2008 at 2:57 pm

    Anyone can be a lightworker with applying conscious thinking in all you do and by doing no harm in anything you do. Love what is, know you are, and never limit your hearts opinion. Follow the laws of nature and know you are a child of this vast universe as are all things that exists down to the microscopic adams and molecules. By doing no harm and using only conscious thinking, it automatically places you in a sustainable, environmentally friendly lifestyle where you have love & gratitude for all that exists, even if what exists may be different from your inner thoughts or opinions.
    I have many thoughts on this, down to my own experiences since the day my spirit was born into this shell. Memories still remain from long ago that could teach us so much. Many think they have lost or forgotten, but it still remains in our minds and soul and through the voice of our ancestors.

  3. Comdr * LightSpeed *

    On February 17, 2009 at 6:38 pm

  4. knk082

    On August 19, 2010 at 12:23 am

    I’m not so much the lightworker that’s described here, I do feel that this is probably just a generalization but there are many different types of light workers.

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