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Nigeria and Spirituality

Spirituality is a household thing in Nigeria. The practice of spiritual empowerment by big and small churches,self proclaimed Prophets of God, witchdoctors, tails of on campus cultism are the first thing visitors hear before visiting Nigeria. Take a look at one man experience,here and now!

Nigeria And Spirituality

Search for the Divine is one practice that is traced from the very beginning when the first anthropoid walked the earth. Evidences from ancient manuscripts, anthropological mysteries and fine tunings and the order of the universe, all point fingers to the Divine Unknown.

Question about the ultimate Divine, however, is not as obvious as in other places of the world.

In the United States , very many people still considered it an embarrassment to admit openly that they are religious. Some even admit bluntly that the idea of a divine being is stupidity. But still for some the idea of a wholesome denial is not appealing and therefore should say,” I’m spiritual.”

Obviously, if someone should consider the proper scrutiny of the world’s so-called largest religion—Christianity. There is so much division, widespread spiritual propaganda. For example, the Protestants against the Catholics while the Pentecostals against the Jehovah’s Witnesses and so on.

Take a look at Nigeria , a West African country, and home to more than one hundred forty million people. Spirituality and power is a house-hold story in Nigeria . It is depicted on the entertainment media, News media, market places as the lists go on. Even an under aged child is no stranger to what is going on between the Christians and Muslims populations.

As chairmen of Global View, I had the opportunity  for a research trip deep inside Nigeria . As my flight touched down I realized the unforgiving sun was already cruel to me. About twenty minutes later, I was picked up by a distinguished gentleman who is also a former officer of the Nigerian elite army. Mr. Morenikeji greeted me with a worm smile and assured me that everything would be alright!

Half a week later, the former officer, with enough contact was able to pull strings to set an appointment with a Prophet Ezekiel Salawu. A very respected entity.

The appointment took place in Osun State , around the Ogbaogba township community. Much of the trip was bumpy. Finally, we turned on a dirt road towards a mountain as we began our ascend. It was like climbing on a wall. My legs muscles were weak. But I couldn’t help admired the natural beauty and magnificent rock formations. The natural settings  provide many beautiful bird songs and so on.

Finally I was able to meet the Prophet himself. We were told the name and purpose of the mountain worship. He asked us to stay 21 days fasting and praying, that anything we ask God for will be granted. But it was obvious to me that there were people already staying for whatever amount of time God had told the Prophet for their stay.

I had the opportunity to talked to a young man who later told me that God said he should go without food and water for seven days. And after that he would stay additional 14 days fasting and dining once a day.

There’re thousands of mountain worshipers all over Nigeria . These people depend on their Prophets for spiritual insight. But the $64.000.00 question is: does it really work?

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