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The Benefits Of Silence

What comes to your mind when you hear the word silence? Most people think about silence as something negative,well I don’t! Find out why.

We don’t think of silence as something beneficial. Most people dread it, they hide from it in the noise of our fast moving world, yet silence believe it or not has many benefits.

I cannot live without silence. Don’t freak now, I am not a lone weird being living in seclusion!

As a matter of fact, I am a mother of two very spirited daughters. They keep me busy as ten sons would. I am also a wife of very adventurous man, who never runs out of many exiting projects for us to do.

Then in a dark of night my sleep somehow flees away and dear friend silence invites me to visit her unique world of sounds impossible to hear without her.

I can hear my heartbeat pumping blood without stop. It makes me wonder at the miracle of my existence, time passes with every beat but what am I doing with this life?

What more could I do with it?

Dreams of ever brighter future pass my mind, ideas of how they could be fulfilled.

I can hear my thoughts singing, laughing, complaining and discussing things important to my spirit, then I can cry, laugh with them or discipline them so that they would not dare to make me miserable.

Finally God whispers to me words of love and comfort, sometimes gently rebukes me when I rob myself of His blessing because of my stubbornness. It gives me a chance to consider my ways and make things right…

These are but few pleasures you could get from entertaining silence. Do not treat her like an enemy, discover how good a friend she can be and enjoy all her benefits.

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