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Cliques and Gangs

Information regarding the cilques and gangs of our society.

Throughout the years, our society has separated and has formed into different cliques and gangs. Two type of groups which consist of many common characteristics. However these groups are completely independent. One, which some refer to as violent and the other simply as a stereotypical social group.

A clique is an informal, stereotypical social group based upon people whom share common interests and behavior. Cliques are often parts of larger social groups for example, communities or schools. In schools, cliques may occur though every grade. The cliques are based upon the groups’ interests and personalities. The people inside a clique are usually very friendly towards each other. However, when it comes to others outside the clique they are very judgmental and might exclude you because of you’re gender, race, religion, friends or the way you look.

On the other hand a gang (also called a street/youth gang) is more serious; it consists of individuals who share common identity and characteristics and a leader whom is the decision maker. Most of the time gangs are negative to our community by engaging in criminal behavior. Gangs usually have a general group behavior. Earlier in the English language the word “GANG” referred to a group of workmen. Now as stated in an article of the “Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice” a gang is “Any durable, street orientated youth group whose own identity included involvement in illegal activity.”

In conclusion, in my opinion, cliques and gangs can not be compared. They have two different purposes one to create violence and the other to feel good about yourself. Gangs are more violent, disruptive and dangerous. Where, cliques are exclusive, however not as dangerous. When it comes to cliques, you get hurt emotionally and when it comes to gangs you get hurt physically. By all means, there aren’t only bad parts to cliques and gangs. For example being part of something exclusive might make an individual feel good about themselves. But, there are better ways to get a good self-esteem, ways which don’t hurt others.

Two different groups with different purposes. However they have one big thing in common, they are both harmful and unnecessary.

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