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How to be Part of a Fandom

It’s strange isn’t it? All these people loving something so much?

Fandoms, while not a new thing seem to be creeping up like weeds. They are everywhere and have always been that way. But why the sudden increase in the amount? Between things like Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, One Direction, and any other number of things.

So why then are they becoming so big again? It was once thought that being part of a large fandom would identify you as a nerd, a geek, or any other kind of name that play ground type bullies would call you. Now it’s cool, and a good thing to love one thing this much. And it is in my honest opinion that because of our more connected world, it is easier for people to not only get in contact with the things that they enjoy this much. But also like minded people, and as the saying goes “there is strength in numbers.” So people in these fandoms find it easier to attach and not have any close support.

But fear not! These are not bad things, they are all good things. Whether you are a conserned parent worrying about your kid that seems to have no other focus, or a conserned person of intrest. This all has a positive side effects on our society, as people now have a connecting and an ability to feel linked to people from around the world who all share there intrests.

So I know you’re saying “this doesn’t tell me how to be part of one!!” You see being part of one is quite easy, you pick something that you really enjoy, a book, a T.V. show, a band, whatever it is. And you learn everything that you can about it. From it’s first conception to the very day that you learned of it. And then you never quit, you just keep learning about it, and checking in on it. Day in and day out, until you either lose your mind, or what ever it is you’re fandoming about is over. Good luck and have fun guys.


Fandoms have side effects such as; unable to focus, unable to sleep, and excessive spending of all of your money.

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