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How to Make Minecraft Singleplayer More FUN!

Minecraft singleplayer is cool but some people are bored faster than mojang can come up with cool updates. For that sole purpose people make mods. Here I will show you six mods that significantly improve the game gameplay wise. So no hacks or anything but only mods that will make minecraft more fun to play for you!

I will display 6 mods for you each with discription official modder and links to video’s and the official forum post. Some of these mods require modloader which can be downloaded here:

Name: Tale of Kingdoms
Author: TyberAlyx
Status: In Development
Requires: ModLoader
Tale of Kingdoms is an adventure RPG mod where you prove your worth as a King, fight evil and eventually raise your own Kingdom. The mod currently includes the starting guild, where you must prove to the Guild Master that you are worthy of ruling your Kingdom, as well as several different NPC, friendly, neutral and aggressive. The mod is still in development, but already it has proven itself to many as a fun, enjoyable Minecraft experience.

Official forum thread:
A very helpfull showcase video by Gamersdissent:

Name: Aether Mod
Author:  Kingbdogz, Kodaichi, Shockah, Flan and 303 
Status: Finished
Requires: ModLoader, ModloaderMP, Audio Mod, PlayerAPI, ShockAhPI
One of the biggest projects in Minecraft Modding history is now completed. Five very well-known and talented modders (Kingbdogz, Kodaichi, Shockah, Flan and 303) have joined forces to develop the Aether, a celestial realm found in outer limits of the atmosphere. The Aether is what you could call the “antipole” of the Nether. The Nether is a network of desolate, fiery caverns filled with bloodstained Cobblestone and sticky Soulsand; it lies beneath the very soil of our Minecraft world. The Aether, on the other hand, is a collection of floating plains and islands, all connected together to create a breathtaking dimension of the skies. Even during the night, the Aether is still quite peaceful, and a normal day in the Aether is the equivalent of three days on the surface.

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