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Learn How to Speak & Dress Like a Hippie

Have you ever wondered what hippies dressed and spoke like?
Well my article will give you some insight to the world of hippies.

When the hippie movement began in the early 60″s it was my impression that they were a group who rejected the values their society holds as being oppressive and wanted to see that society change.

Others say hippies were a group of people who wanted hand outs, free love, live in communes, grew their own food, did drugs, or wanted everything free but don’t commit to anything other than their group. 

My article’s goal is to convey that they did bring a new language into our culture and a new style of dress that many assimilated and later became “Cool Man”

Speaking the language required words like Cool Man, Peace Brother, That’s Groovy Man, I dig It, and many other words.

I liked the peace sign. For example the Beatles, Presidents, Musicians & others used the peace sign. Even today it is common to see individuals show the peace sign to one another.

Clothing was another big deal with hippies. For reasons of money and like any generation clothing was changing. You would see wild colors mixed and matched together. Take a look at these pants mixed with a shirt. Today I don’t believe that they would be a good match.PantsShirt

Other items that hippies wore were jewelry, see example picture.

Today you don’t see hippies very much. I’m sure there are some still around probably living in communes somewhere where it’s warm. 

The 60’s for me was a time I grew into man-hood. I was confused as many other young teenagers at the time. You would see people who fought very hard to stop the war in Vietnam and others who fought the hippie because of his cloths, hair style, and being different. The country was in a radical change for the better.

There is no one way to simplify the 60’s other than for me to say what happened was for the better for this country. It showed how racist we were, how double standard we were, how stubborn we were as a nation and how cruel we could be to those who were different.

What came out of the 60’s was tolerance, understanding, respect for others and a better United States.

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