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Drawing Delight: Four Leaved Clover!

Symmetry can be easily studied by observing many plants and animals and one of the best examples of quadrilateral (square) symmetry is four-leaved clover. It is easy to draw one.

Step 1:

Draw a shape that looks like a heart. This would have to be sketched in a way that it would have the sharp end pointing to the bottom, while the two mounts would be on top.

Step 2:

Now add another 3 heart shapes perpendicular to each other. Ensure that their sharp ends are merged together. The four heart shapes would be facing each other, just like sides of a square.

Step 3:

To include more details in the leaves, add two to four lines from the sharp end of the heart, as shown in the image. The length of lines should differ to make it appear as natural as possible.

Step 4:

Repeat the same line-drawing in the second leaf as well. It is not necessary to maintain same number of lines, even though having consistency would add to the beauty of final clover.

Step 5:

To make it more realistic and symmetrical, one can extend the lines in first leaf to the third one that is diagonally opposite to it.

Step 6:

Similarly, one can extend the lines in second leaf to the fourth one that is diagonally opposite to it. The symmetry would have to be intact for getting appreciation from audiences.

Step 7:

The clover would have to have a stem so that it can be held between fingers and therefore include a stem to the clover.

Step 8:

Since clovers tend to be green in colour, include shades of green for the leaves and the stem as well.

If the artwork has been done on a chart paper or board, it can be cut and used to study symmetry, while it can also bring luck to those true believers. Also feel like a Leprechaun with clover in hand!

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