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Keep Trying

Life is a mixture of something odd and something good but the important is, we keep on trying to fit in. We keep on trying to survive the challenges that makes us feel unworthy of all the things we do.

Problems keep on hurting us IF we keep on avoiding them, it makes our life colorful, making us strong and weak, high and low but most importantly it gives learning and experience. We cannot be called failure if we strive hard to control the problem, we cannot be judged as though we done nothing to face it. Keep on trying to survive even if we don’t know what to do. We must say that our passion to survive is greater than any problems that will come in our way.

We are born to be survivors, to be winners of our own race. One’s path should never be determined easily because each and everyone of us has its own ways to solve and face the challenges that comes along. Why bother yourself to their misjudgment? when you yourself know what you are capable of doing. No one can predict the future except yourself. 

Today maybe or may not be your lucky day but why choose to stop when you can push yourself to do better. Keep on trying, keep going because we will be judged at the end of our goals. It is your time to prove to yourself that you are a real survivor of your life no matter how hard it may be. 

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