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Systems and Lifestyles Health Heart Rate Practical

Heart Rate Practical
Systems and Lifestyles
Discussion Questions and Answers
Semester one 2012.


Step HR1

Rec. HR 1

Step HR 2

Rec. HR 2

Step HR 3

Rec. HR 3











1.     Were you surprised by your results?

I wasn’t really surprised by my results in that I expected my RHR to be around the 70’s. I also knew that after exercise, especially of high intensity, the heart rate will naturally increase.

2.    Which step test did you record your highest HR? Why do you think this is?

My highest HR was step test 1. I think this was the highest because my body was not warmed up yet. After exercising for a while, your heart rate will gradually slow.

3.    Did you work near your MHR?

My highest heart rate was 179bpm and my maximum heart rate is 204bpm. Therefore, I did not work near my MHR. This means that I could have worked harder and faster.

4.    Did you return to your RHR?

My resting heart rate was 75bpm. None of my recovery heart rates returned to my RHR.

5.    Did you carry out the prac properly? If not, how could you have gained more accurate results?

I think I did carry out the prac properly, although I may have miscounted my heart rate. To gain more accurate results, I could repeat the whole prac a few times and then average each section of the table.

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