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Shame on Mcdonald’s

by Molly Girl 822 in Issues, March 22, 2015

If a company has to resort to using an abused animal in a commercial, that company needs a wake up call! Shame on you McDonald’s!

Animal Cruelty

by Mai Ahmed Elsayed in Issues, September 1, 2013

Animal cruelty in the Middle East needs attention.

Come on China. Stop The Animal Cruelty

by jennyreeve in Issues, June 28, 2013

There are many places around the world that partake in animal cruelty, China really is no exception.

Baby Seal Clubbing, Animal Cruelty

by deenag in Issues, December 12, 2012

Baby seal clubbng, animal cruelty.

Eid Al-adha – The Feast of Sacrifice

by popereese in Issues, October 24, 2012

An outlook on the Muslim religious festival.

Hard-hitting Adverts are Proving Too Upsetting for Some Children

by Philippa Mingins in Society, August 2, 2012

As parents we may want to protect our children from the cruel realities of life for as long as possible but surely there actually comes a point when sheltering them too much becomes more cruel than exposing them to these cruel realities? The issue of hard-hitting adverts on television and whether children should watch them touches on this very issue.

Cruelty on The Farm

by Molly Girl 822 in Lifestyle Choices, May 4, 2012

A pig’s life today is a pretty lousy one. Steve Chapman, a member of the Chicago Tribune’s Editorial Board says, "If your image of a pig farm involves barnyards, mud and pails of slop, the Cambalot pig farm would come as a surprise. The first thing you notice upon arriving here-OK, the second thing, after a certain recognizable aroma-is that there are no pigs in sight."

Puppy Hanged on The Clothesline

by michiedoll in Issues, April 28, 2012

Dog is a man’s best friend, we should love them and treat them with kindness,decency and respect.

Dolphin Massacre in Denmark?

by sunasia22 in Issues, December 5, 2011

This article is about the alleged dolphin’s cruelty in Denmark.

Woman Arrested for Cooking Kitten Alive

by Facevalue in Activism, November 24, 2011

A 31-year-old mother of three faces jail term in Devon for the intentional cooking of kitten alive.

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