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Sharing is Caring

by James Voltaire in Psychology, May 27, 2013

Questions of a curious mind at two am.

Can You Help a Girl in Need?? Even You Reading, Sharing is So Very Helpful!!

by Inxxu in People, April 2, 2013

It is a story about my good friend, who desperately need help from all of us.
Well yeah.. monetary help would be very helpful, but if you can share her link with your friends and fo´s .. even that has a great use for her :)

Do We Tell Them We Appreciate Them?

by Tiki33 in Issues, March 16, 2013

People want to know that we appreciate them. We should take the time to tell them that we care.

Stop and Take Shelter

by Carol M Creasey in Issues, February 23, 2013

The old man sits huddled inside a doorway whilst the wind and rain lash down, but does anyone care? Read on to find out more.

Values for Character Building

by Skymax786 in Politics, January 15, 2013

In one’s life character is the most important thing which not only stays with you in this life but also in life hereafter.

Good Communication – Where Did It Go?

by Lynn Proctor in Issues, January 11, 2013

Was communication always this bad, or does it just seem that communication a few years ago was better? Have our sensitivities to responsibility, courtesy, responsiveness and reliability gone into permanent hiding?

People Need to Stop Thinking

by odieonekanobe in Philosophy, January 3, 2013

Just some more thoughts I have.

Diwali :)

by Anuja Deshmukh in Holidays, November 9, 2012

Diwali- Life, light, colors, happiness, sharing, caring and smiles. A festival that brightens not just every Indian street but also every heart. Chuckling kids, cracking crackers, lots of sweets and a grand celebration. Indeed, India’s one of the most auspicious festival :) comes with bang!!!

Ideas to Celebrate The Sweetest Day

by Krismawati in Holidays, October 21, 2012

Happy Sweetest Day all! Yes, America had many days of celebration that is sometimes hard to remember it all. But forget The Sweetest Day? How could you …

You Scratch My Back But I Won’t Scratch Yours

by Tiki33 in Activism, September 19, 2012

Some people don’t mind you doing for them but when you need them for something they make all the excuses in the world.

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