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Is It any Wonder We Have a Hard Time Understanding Each Other?

by kkemper in Society, May 2, 2014

Here is a taste of texting instead of verbalizing for social media lovers
and what was common the 60’s and
lastly, what the post Capone days chatted about when bars were
re-opened and birth control was introduced!


Fallacies with Online Dating

by aznxmonki in Relationships, December 27, 2013

Online dating is fresh, fun, and a numbers game…

10 Tips for Online Dating

by hayakhan in Relationships, July 1, 2013

The profile picture, the nickname and the site that you choose can determine the success (or otherwise) of your relationships on line. I followed these tips.

Famous Put Downs

by PeterBaxterSnr in Activism, March 26, 2013

Ever needed a put down here is just a few.

A Casual Chat

by AnandVVN in Psychology, February 14, 2013

This casual chat based on a true incident and bits and pieces that I gathered and put together.

Cupido Internet Love Struck

by chocolates in Relationships, October 19, 2012

Is it possible to fall in love with someone you just met on the internet?

Chat is Easy with Web

by maddyacca in Relationships, August 29, 2012

The most obtainable moment that comes all time for folks and groups is, when they really need to get and gain all time. How it can be define in many charming and dedicating maneer.

Chat Rooms Uk: The Best Way to Chat

by camily in Education, August 28, 2012

Most chat room sites have descriptive names and they give you an indication of what you expect when you join or just log in to chat. Whether they are free or otherwise, some are genuine while others are just scams. For the genuine ones, you get value for your time and money. Chat rooms originally offered services to singles discreetly a practice which has been overtaken by events. Chat Rooms UK has revolutionized this perception and has come up with a concept that caters for each individual needs whilst maintaining utmost privacy and the discreet nature of the industry. This site offers free categorized chat room services to their clients while ensuring all age groups and sex preferences are catered for in a one-stop-shop model. The concept behind these chatrooms is tomeet new people withnew people with same interests. Some of these categories are listed below:-

Prostitute Turned Wife

by hosariwi in Education, August 2, 2012

Can you imagine marrying a woman who has been a prostitute for years, and continues with her trade into the marriage? Would that marriage survive?

As in this story, there is many a girl who get into prostitution against their own will. This is a story whereby Belinda is trapped into prostitution. She continues with her trade despite the fact that she is married, through the influence of an ex-school-mate.

Read on.

Miss Mary’s Ramblings 10/04/2012

by denlexx in Holidays, April 13, 2012

more news from kentucky.

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