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June, Drew Barrymore Will Married

by gwezsetyo in Relationships, April 26, 2012

June, Drew Barrymore Will married.

Learn How to Entice a Pisces Woman

by thebest101 in Relationships, January 31, 2012

It is essential to know the final characteristics of the solar sign Pisces so as to discover out the precise reply to the question, how you can appeal to a Pisces woman. This article will present ideas and techniques for the same. Read on…

Drew Barrymore Graded Too Expensive

by sandhee in People, November 5, 2011

She in the first ranked in the list of celebrities who paid too high.

Drew Barrymore: Police Comes to Halloween Party

by cantika in Holidays, November 1, 2011

Halloween in Hollywood! That the extensive and quite a few loud parties brings, one can imagine. And that the big stars there also let off steam really sleep and take advantage of the propitious moment a little boisterous than usual, this is no surprise.

Why Do Guys Look Sexier Taken

by sdkendre in Society, July 9, 2011

Women are people in the heart of thieves? Cosmo comes down to which women are attracted to boys is available.
Have you noticed how nice a guy suddenly seems warmer, the other is taken off the market? Take Ryan Reynolds: It has always been cute, but her condition does not kick a serious competitor who later hooked up with – married – Scarlett Johansson. Ditto for Dax Shepard, who served not less than two times before Kristen Bell hooked. And now you think?Justin Long just posted a ringtone from our babe-take for Drew Barrymore.

Victoria Beckham Due to Give Birth Today

by lmonline in Holidays, July 4, 2011

Victoria Beckham Due To Give Birth Today.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Her New Look

by katemak in People, May 31, 2011

New hair look.

When They “heat” They Caught

by jeepers in People, May 11, 2011

Cocaine and marijuana as if it has become an integral part of the entertainment business. Although both have been considered "classics". but not a few local and foreign celebrities crazy about him.

Girls Love … Girls! See The Hottest Kisses Between Celebrities!

by AllAboutSexBlog in Gay & Lesbians, April 19, 2011

Three percent of women consider themselves bisexual, and 30 percent have already had experience with a woman csexuala, according to a study by the Kinsey Institute and quoted in the book "Sex. Complete Guide for Women by Susan Crain Bakos.

26 Sexy Images of Female Celebrities Tattoos

by UmiNoor in People, April 2, 2011

Tattoos are no longer the exclusive signatures of sailors and tough guys or members of street gangs. Many celebrities are inking their bodies and many fans are also following suit. Here is a list of 26 sexy female celebrities tattoos that are
inspiring millions of fans to ink their bodies too.

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