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Graft and Corruption: The Cancer of The Society

by joevannie in Issues, January 3, 2014

Political corruption is the use of power by government officials for illegitimate private gain.

If Only Ex-Philippines President Arroyo Were a Good Leader

by blackbird of the pond in Politics, November 9, 2011

Former Philippine President Arroyo, now a Congresswoman and once the most powerful person in her country, isn’t even now permitted to leave abroad for medical treatment. Reason: There’s fear that Arroyo will never come back to face lawsuits being readied against her (and her husband) for alleged corruption, among other charges, as former President–it’s certainly a reversal of fortune for Arroyo.

AIDS Funds Stolen

by Tulan in Activism, January 26, 2011

67 percent of the AIDS funds have been stolen. Donors are outraged, as they should be over the graft that has taken over this program. The AIDS fund was set up to get money out to health agencies quickly and has been credited with saving 6.5 millions but it has also made the grafters rich at the expense of the sick and the people who gave to the fund. This fund need supervision from an agency that is credible.

Corruption Ranking in East Africa: Burundi is The Most Corrupt Country in The Region

by gaby7 in Government, August 5, 2010

Transparency International has confirmed that Burundi is the most corrupt country in East Africa, followed closely by Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, while Rwanda is the Least corrupt in Africa.

Starting The Process: Saving The Republic One State at a Time

by Brandon Kumm in Politics, January 7, 2010

Americans have become distrustful of the government and disillusioned with the idea that we can have any real impact on how it’s run. At the Federal level we have massive debt, lack of Congressional oversight or responsibility and blatantly unconstitutional laws. There are bogus reform movements, special interest handouts and every attempt is made by those in power to stay in power until enriched by the system. We the People have a choice. Are we willing to make that choice?

The Robber Barons

by Ruby Hawk in History, December 25, 2009

The Robber Barons were thieves who raised their form of thievery to sound business organizations and called them "trusts." They still operate today and accumulate enormous wealth at the expense of the taxpayer. Corruption reached its zenith when the railways were being built westward. Andrew Carnegie provided the steel, J.P. Morgan provided the cash, and together they accumulated untold wealth and power through corruption.

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