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Late-term Abortion Ban in Dc?

by PattyYoung in Issues, May 16, 2014

Late-Term Abortion Ban in DC?

Government Intercourse

by anaitreads in Government, June 26, 2012

Parents upset about sex education law when they should be teaching their children anyway.

Us Teen Pregnancies at 40-year Low

by gembox02 in Government, April 14, 2012

US Teen Pregnancies At 40-Year Low.

Have Republicans Finally Overstepped Themselves?

by Einder Darkwolf in Issues, February 28, 2012

Republican leaders are advancing a proposal which would allow any employer to deny coverage for any reason.

“Accommodation” for Religious Institutions on Contraception

by zeo in Politics, February 10, 2012

Current United States President, Barack Obama, announced Friday that his administration will not require Religious institutions like hospitals & universities to provide free contraception to their employees in their health insurance.

80 Percent of Us Boys Use Condoms The First Time

by Y. Pramono in Sexuality, October 13, 2011

A surprising 80 percent of teenage boys say they are using condoms the first time they have sex, a government survey found in a powerful sign that decades of efforts to change young people’s sexual behavior are taking hold.

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