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Watching Whale in Hawaii

by galina in Issues, March 27, 2014

Each year, the Humpback Whales migrate around 4,000 miles, from summer feeding grounds in Alaska, to mate in Hawaii’s warm waters.

During mating season, Humpback Whales are more active resulting in elevated surface activity which makes Hawaii a popular destination for whale watching. This exciting surface behavior, such as breaching and tail slaps, make for exciting whale watching in Hawaii.

Charlie Sheen is Engaged to Porn Star Brett Rossi

by hayakhan in Holidays, February 18, 2014

Actor Charlie Sheen is engaged to her boyfriend, the pornographic film performer Brett Rossi, during a weekend trip to Hawaii (USA), where the couple celebrated Valentine’s Day, said today People magazine.

President’s Library in Hawaii? Maybe

by johnbee79 in History, January 10, 2014

The Site for Presidential Library For Mr Obama has many wondering now.
Hawaii faces significant challenges, not least of which is Mr. Obama’s adopted hometown, Chicago. Many of his closest friends, political allies and top fund-raisers are from Chicago, which is already considered the top candidate for landing at least the president’s papers and artifacts. Who will win?

Time for Her and No Children: The Birthday of His Wife Michelle Obama

by hayakhan in History, January 5, 2014

The first lady of the United States extended their stay in Hawaii, while her husband and daughters are back in Washington.

Waiting for The Next Year!

by judith2263 in Organizations, December 30, 2013

We don’t realize how hard the homeless have it when they get sick. They can’t pop a pill, drink some medicine, or go back to bed until they feel better. They push forward and go out into the weather that probably help them get sick.

Obama: Celebrate The Birth of Jesus Christ with Helping Each Other

by RebecaPerez in History, December 26, 2013

President of the United States( U.S.) to give a Christmas message to the people.

President Obama and Family Vacationing in Hawaii 16 Days

by m1mung in History, December 21, 2013

President Obama and Family Vacationing in Hawaii 16 Days.

World War Two Era Japanese Submarine Found Off Hawaii Coast

by Vanity Press News in History, December 3, 2013

World War Two era Japanese submarine found off Hawaii coast.

Rain! Snow! or Just Plain Miserable!

by judith2263 in Issues, November 9, 2013

Some people are made for a certain lifestyle and I will be the first to admit that the homeless lifestyle is not for me. It takes a stronger person than me to handle all types of situation as well as all types of weather.

Living in The Present Moment, a Ticket to Peace

by Ahzaa in Philosophy, November 7, 2013

Living in the Present Moment, a Ticket to Peace.

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