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Refusing to Correct Mistakes

by nichea in Crime, May 18, 2014

The series exposing the scam is mainly because some powerful people are refusing to correct their mistake, which was based on wrong assumptions. They are overconfident that they will be able to bully, humiliate and cause enough corporate espionage to the person who they have already wronged, an experienced engineer, webmaster and domain investor.

A Lose Lose Situation to Humiliate Experienced Engineers

by nichea in Crime, May 18, 2014

Some powerful officials in indian intelligence agencies like ntro, r&aw, cbi, military intelligence and other agencies have devised a lose lose situation to humiliate an experienced engineer, webmaster and domain investor they are jealous of.

Engineers in India Double Up as Thieves

by nichea in Crime, May 16, 2014

India "top" engineering colleges produce engineers with prestigious degrees who are also thieves who steal a vulnerable single womans hard earned savings of twenty years, without giving a valid reason. They are so concerned that the single woman, their batchmate in college, will ruin the prestige of their college that they put her surveillance for many years. They terrorise her into paying their relatives and friends by subjected her to sexual harassment and human rights abuses of the worst kind.

Exploitation of Indian Exporters

by nichea in Issues, May 16, 2014

In most countries exporters are a matter of pride, and numerous incentives are given to encourage the exporter increase their revenues. However, in India, many powerful officials have a very negative attitude towards exporters and abuse their powers, waste tax payer money to harass the exporters. These officials are probably induced by large corporates like the Tata group,google to harass the exporter as part of their talent acquisition plans, so that the exporter takes up a job.

Exploitation of Domain Investors in India

by nichea in Crime, May 15, 2014

Any investor has a large number of options available for investment, he or she has to choose the best option to get the maximum returns on the investment and also consider the safety of the investment. If the investor is not getting any returns, or conditions are extremely hostile, it is time to exit the risky and low return investment, and opt for other investments which offer better returns.

An Insight Into Indian Customs and Etiquette for First Time Visitors

by JonathanDavidson in Society, May 11, 2014

An Insight Into Indian Customs and Etiquette For First Time Visitors.

Critique of Smoke Signals

by wederday in History, April 27, 2014

A critique of the film Smoke Signals.

Faces of Transition in Indian Politics

by Neeraj Asthana in Politics, March 1, 2014

Indian politics is undergoing a big transition from traditional conservative approach to a pragmatic one and the change is being brought by a few emerging leaders ….

15 Facts About The Indian Internet Industry That Google Does Not Want Indian Women to Know

by nichea in Men, December 21, 2013

Google, Hindustan UniLever, Axis Bank and Intel have launched a campaign to encourage more Indian women to work online.
The official website states states’India is one of the few countries in the world where the online audience is very skewed towards the male population, with only 30% of the active Internet users as women (Source: I-cube data, June 2013). Studies have shown that if women were to get online it would have a very positive impact on their lives, their status as well as the society.’ However, this campaign paints a very glossy picture of the Indian internet space, and hides the dirty secrets which should also be known before a woman decides to spend time online.

Native Indian, Japan Enhance Their Cooperation in The Historic Sector

by seep1tung in Society, November 12, 2013

India and Japan have chosen to flourish their cooperation in the historic market as part of the overall effective bilateral connections.

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