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Reveals Secrets Treasure Americans in Philadelphia

by raphaelramirez in History, August 13, 2013

The movie “National Treasure” actor who played Nicholas Cage made famous City Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, USA. Travelers come straight historical attractions that appear in the film about the American treasure.

Castro’s Niece in Philly for Gay Rights Conference

by Vanity Press News in Politics, May 24, 2013

Castro’s niece in Philly for gay rights conference.

A Liberty Bell Prophecy for America

by Joseph Parish in History, January 9, 2012

America can be proud of its countless deserving symbols representing freedom and projecting a favorable image of our historical past but none are as legendary as the Liberty Bell. I chanced upon some tidbit folklore the other day as I was wandering around the internet and wanted to organize and share it with everyone. It relates to the Liberty Bell and America’s future. It proves to be some very interesting reading.

Best April Fools Day Joke of All Time

by bcolts5 in Holidays, April 1, 2011

A quick look at the greatest practical joke in history.

Strange Facts About The Fourth of July

by Rana Sinha in Holidays, July 4, 2010

The Fourth of July is celebrated as America’s day of Independence. Everything did not happen back then exactly as millions believe nowadays. Besides the myths, there are also many little known facts.

American Icons II

by Manny Munnez in History, November 12, 2008

Seven More Symbols of American History.

Did You Know?

by gingerwatson in History, March 13, 2007

About the liberty bell.

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