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Collect One Million Refugees, Syria, Lebanon Inconvenience

by coinskanor in Philanthropy, April 3, 2014

Collect one Million Refugees, Syria, Lebanon Inconvenience.

The Renaissance, The Most Creative Age of Olden Times

by Tiusto in History, January 19, 2014

The period that began in Italy about the year 1300, developed in later years in other European countries, and ended about 1600, is known as the Renaissance. This period followed what is called the middle Ages. The term “Renaissance” derives from a French word that means “rebirth”. This period received this name because of a rebirth of interest among Italian scholars in the learning and arts of ancient Greece and Rome. But this period of rebirth was also a time of birth that is of the appearance of new things. In these years Europeans developed new scientific ideas and inventions, produced new styles in literature and the arts, and discovered new lands and trade routes to far-away lands. They began to think about man and his world from a new and different point of view. At the beginning of that period, the Mediterranean Sea was the main route for trade between Europe and the East. The Italian states were leaders during the Renaissance. Italians travelled to foreign lands.

A Cold Front with Winds Up to 110 Km / H Will Sweep The Peninsula This Weekend

by hayakhan in Social Sciences, January 2, 2014

A significant drop in temperatures, lowering the snow level up to 600-900 meters and five meters waves on the coast of Galicia and the Cantabrian is expected.

Syria Could Unite Russia and China Against The U.s

by Vanity Press News in Issues, November 29, 2013

Syria Could Unite Russia and China Against the U.S.

Hagel Calls Govt Shutdown Threat Shortsighted

by Vanity Press News in History, September 30, 2013

Hagel calls govt shutdown threat “shortsighted”

Us Plans for Three Days of Attack on Syria

by Vanity Press News in History, September 8, 2013

US plans for “3 days of attack” on Syria.

Russia to Create Mediterranean Fleet to Protect Syria

by Vanity Press News in Government, June 22, 2013

Russia to create Mediterranean fleet to protect Syria.

Found, Egypt The Drowned City Legend The City is Sinking Since 1200 Years Ago

by xl123mania in Social Sciences, May 21, 2013

Found, Egypt The Drowned City Legend
The city is sinking since 1200 years ago.

The Study of Ancient Greece

by LoveLoi20 in History, November 14, 2012

An Aussie singer studied an ancient Greece. Do you like to study more about Ancient Greece?

City Profiles: Alexandria, Egypt

by ActionSammy in History, August 20, 2012

Brief summary on Alexandria, Egypt.

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