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The Manchester Armchair Philosophers Discussion Asking is It Right to Eat Animals

by Arthur Chappell in Lifestyle Choices, May 22, 2013

My personal review of a discussion on the Pros And Cons Of Vegetarianism.

This Food Can Trust Increase Libido

by aaklean2010 in Sexuality, February 20, 2013

Speaking of food plants libido, it can never be separated from the goats torpedo. Some restaurants that provide menu is always spice it up with claims can increase sex drive in men in particular. Really?

Improve Your Sex Life

by jarawila in Sexuality, October 4, 2012

For the married, the above topic cannot be avoided. Newly-wed couples often have a very vibrant sex-life. However, as the years go by, the drive goes down.

Note that, as far as Maslow’s Law goes, sex is rated the same as food. That means that if you are not doing too well in this department, you are likened to a person going through some kind of “malnutrition”, if not “famine”.

Herein are suggested ways of improving your sex life and ensuring that you remain tops at all times.

Women Aphrodisiacs: The Half-dozen High Aphrodisiac Supplements

by mike9oland in Sexuality, September 21, 2011

Men are continually wondering what the highest ladies aphrodisiacs are, however this will be terribly troublesome to slender down. There are lots of foods, drugs, and smells that are presupposed to increase a woman’s libido. An aphrodisiac are some things that makes need, not enhances sexual performance within the approach Viagra will.

Aphrodisiac Eating

by tonyleather in Sexuality, September 18, 2011

That unforgettable scene in front of the refrigerator, between Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke in the film nine and a half weeks, which was as close to pornographic eating as it gets, genuinely was the exception rather than the rule.

Foods That Stir Your Libido | Foods That Increase Your Libido | Natural Aphrodisiacs

by articlesforyou in Sexuality, June 7, 2011

Food makes many things for your body – but it can make you feel romantic and sensual? That is the whole idea behind the food aphrodisiacs. Now, whether that means a real biological effect, or placebo only remains decshis discussions. Not that it mattered much, though.

Brink Review

by hubiogot in Issues, June 2, 2011


Sex Foods

by sandynpj in Sexuality, April 26, 2011

Foods that are tempting in nature.

Sex and The Kitchen

by AllAboutSexBlog in Sexuality, April 20, 2011

If you’re wondering where and how they came aphrodisiacs, straighten up now: the merit belongs to a legend in the center which is very goddess of beauty, Aphrodite. Eager to attract as May many men in her bed, says he began to prepare erotic lotions and ingredients from various plants.

Aphrodisiac Appetizers

by tonyleather in Sexuality, February 25, 2011

The things in the food line that rumor has it can put you in the mood for love.

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