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What is Alec, and Why Was It Created?

by Jerry Gahan in Issues, July 26, 2015

ALEC, The American Legislative Exchange Council (originally the "Conservative Caucus of State Legislators") was created in 1973. Its goals were to counter the Environmental Protection Agency, Unions, and government price controls. ALEC members include conservative corporations, and conservative state and federal legislators.

Notecards Module Two

by Charms26 in Issues, February 19, 2015

Our Notecards.

No Reform Old House !!

by lelusc in Issues, February 3, 2015

Article about reform in houses,construcion.

Decentralizing American Public Mass Education

by Gary C Gibson in Education, August 27, 2014

In the post-industrial society mass public education may be counter-productive to adaptation of education services to the public. Here are a few suggestions for improvement.

Cutting The Gordian Knot of Anecdotal Thought

by Gary C Gibson in Philosophy, July 14, 2014

Critical literary analysis developing in the profusion of writing after the invention of the printing press and subsequent Protestant Reformation made philosophical and theological independent ventures the usual, yet sometimes confusing way of considering the nature of the Bible and the natural Universe.

Kyamu: A New World, and The War on Christmas

by Kyamu in Issues, December 21, 2013

The War, the Propaganda, and What You Can Do.

Is Immigration Reform The Key to GOP Success?

by teppei in Issues, November 3, 2013

Is Migrants Change the Key to GOP Success?

75 Million Conservatives Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands

by Jesse Ledesma in Issues, August 21, 2013

In this article, I write about how American conservatives may have to resort to enforcing immigration laws and other laws if politicians continue to disrespect their wishes.

Republicans Loose Big in 2014

by Jesse Ledesma in Issues, August 9, 2013

In this article, wrote about the diminishing support for Republicans from conservatives.

Downsizing The Majority in The U.S.A.

by Gary C Gibson in Politics, July 28, 2013

Just the facts mamm. A majority of Americans, about 230 million, take home just 15% of the income of the U.S.A. The top 20% take 85% of the income and the ultra-rich take 3/4s of income growth. In other words a growing economy primarily benefits an oligarchy and counter-cyclically degrades the political effectiveness of democracy. As the economy recovers and expands the poor and middle class become politically and economically poorer. The top .01% for-themselves take ten percent of the income in the U.S.A. today. As global economies rise and consume more non-sustainable economic product the cost to U.S. consumers may well rise.

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