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Strange Wills

by joyesh in Issues, February 3, 2015

People generally bequeath their possessions to their children or spouse or in worst case, to a distant blood relative or close friend. However, exceptions do exists!

15 Vital Facts Still Hidden From The World

by Poo in Love in Paranormal, October 1, 2014

Facts, which sound stranger than fiction, can sometimes sound too bizarre to be true. Why do people still conceal some things that are important for the world to be aware of? Read on…

Cheating Your Mate

by JamesTyler in Relationships, July 6, 2014

Cheating Your Mate.

Light in Darkness – Chapter Two

by SoarVandergeid in Government, June 10, 2014

The first chapter of Light in darkness.

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"Devils" Behind The Wheel; "Angels" Otherwise

by novelist in Issues, June 2, 2014

There are occasions when I wonder as to how some people behave when driving.

Magic Crap So Home to Bum

by Ben Pate in Issues, May 13, 2014

Magic crap so home to bum.

Strange Foods From Around The World

by Jeffrey Dale in Society, May 13, 2014

This article explores foods that might shock the average Joe.

Weddings That Were Considered The Strangest in The World

by Jeffrey Dale in Relationships, May 10, 2014

This article looks at the strangest weddings in the world.

Man Trying to Record a Ghost on Video Catches His Wife in Bed with His Son!

by Alexander Fuglistahler in Paranormal, February 20, 2014

This is a True Story However hard you may find that to believe!

Masturbation Miracle : The Actual Odder Approach

by Faxby1986 in Sexuality, January 8, 2014

Whatever a male likes related to his private time, masturbation always contains the same end bring about mind: an orgasmic pleasure. For a man that has been masturbating his entire adult lifestyle – and likely a great part of his adolescent life – things inside the self-love department can be boring and schedule. That doesn’t suggest it doesn’t sense good – as it does – it just ensures that the routine can lack somewhat originality, as a male may fall to the "same ole, same ole" approach — and permanently reason — as it works. Even even now, men who are searhing for more excitement should change things up somewhat.

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