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Microsoft’s Surface Two Still Avalanche Abbreviate

by Ahzaa in Issues, November 10, 2013

Microsoft’s Surface two still avalanche abbreviate.

Will Microsoft’s Surface Land on The iPad?

by Fedsolutions in Issues, July 20, 2012

Will Microsoft’s Surface Land on the iPad?

Microsoft Surface

by Deepana in Issues, July 18, 2012

A tablet that’s a unique expression of entertainment and creativity. A tablet that works and plays the way you want. A new type of computing. Surface.

Competition for The Apple iPad?

by Laura Sandy in Activism, June 20, 2012

Does the new Microsoft Surface have what it takes to take on the iPad?

Lessons for Life From Mirror

by Raj the Tora in Activism, January 30, 2012

Every person who is sane would be using the mirrors to look at the reflections to see how they would look in front of others, or to get the perspective of how others see them. People can learn quite a few lessons from mirrors, if they intellectually observe them.

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