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Water Management: Can It be Sustainable?

by John Walsh in Issues, September 13, 2012

An introduction to the issues involved in the attempt, so far not entirely successful, to make water management sustainable.

Efficiency: Not a Substitute for Want of Right Values in Mainstream Economics!

by cerulean19 in Advice, September 8, 2012

The efficiency of allocation of resources among competing uses, whatever the resources and uses happen to be, that is the priority of mainstream economics is revealed to be insufficient in supplying other higher values.

Fighting Climate Change: Dispossession of The Poor

by John Walsh in Issues, May 27, 2012

Contemporary economic development is not consistent with democracy or human rights – here is how it works.

Black Spots on The Horizon

by novelist in Issues, May 20, 2012

Europe’s financial dilemma has emanated from an apparent miscalculation of the sustainability of the Euro.

A Sustainable, Fair, and Efficient Economy: Distinguishing The Goods to be Provided and The Policies to Cultivate Them

by cerulean19 in Issues, April 19, 2012

The goods to be provided for by an economy and the associated policy instruments for cultivating them, if the economy is to be sustainable, fair, and efficient, are discussed.

Sustainable Resource Use: A Matter of Ethics Rather Than of Economics

by cerulean19 in Future, April 17, 2012

The issue of the sustainability of resource use, it is disclosed, requires ethical considerations beyond the capacity of the price or market system to supply.

The Necessity of Instructing The Present with The Indefinite Future Through Irrevocable Purposes

by cerulean19 in Future, February 17, 2012

It is disclosed that the relationship between the present and the indefinite future is reciprocal: Not only is the indefinite future to be constructed by the present, it is also the case that the present must be instructed in this construction by the indefinite future through the proxy of collective, long-term, irrevocable purposes.

Sustainable Development

by Nikita Billett in Issues, January 18, 2012

‘Were all the world’s people to consume at the same rate, a dozen planets would be needed to accommodate our lifestyle.’

Problems with The Midwest

by Matt Adams in Issues, November 9, 2011

A discussion of habitat fragmentation and suburban sprawl.

What is Geodesign?

by Matt Adams in Social Sciences, October 27, 2011

An explanation of the term "GeoDesign" and what it could mean for our future.

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