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A Brief Biography of Albert Speer

by Bazza1972 in Issues, April 1, 2015

The Nazi Minister That Felt Guilty.

Commander in Ss-led Unit Living in U.s

by Vanity Press News in History, December 9, 2013

Commander in SS-led unit living in U.S.

The P-51 Mustang – The Finest Fighter Plane Ever Built

by iacastro in History, July 22, 2013

Still the undisputed king of American fighters, the Mustang sprung out of a British need.

Why Adolf Hitler is One of The Best Leaders of All Time

by tyler2114 in History, July 18, 2013

Adolf Hitler gets a lot of negatives, as he should, for his leadership and war-mongering during the 20th century. However, in this article we will look at Hitler from a non-biased approach, and recognize what he did for Germany as it’s leader.

Top Ten Nazi Films

by Eldridge in Politics, January 28, 2013

I do own more than a collection of dozen.

Hitler control over the Third Reich

by CharlotteKay in History, May 30, 2012

How Far Do You Agree with The View That in Years 1934-9 Hitler Was Not in Control of The Third Reich?
Sources were used in this essay.

Country Profiles: Germany

by ActionSammy in History, February 27, 2012

A brief summary on Germany.

Country Profile: Austria

by ActionSammy in Government, November 30, 2011

A few facts and figures on Austria.

Sinking The Bismarck: Death of a Behemoth

by Kim Seabrook in Military, September 25, 2011

More Prisoners of Eternity.

A Letter of 1919 Contains Adolf Hilter’s Early References to “Eliminate” The Jews. | Simon Wiesenthal Center: One of The Most Important Documents of The Third Reich

by LatestWorldNewsBlog in History, June 8, 2011

A letter signed by Adolf Hitler, where are some of his first written references about Hebrew and anti-Semitism, was unveiled Tuesday in New York by the Simon Wiesenthal center, CNN forward. Said Rabbi Marvin hier four-page letter, dated 1919, is "one of the most important documents in the entire history of the Third Reich."

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