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Disney Actor Lee Thompson Young Committed Suicide Because

by Vampir3 in Death, August 19, 2013

Lee Thompson Young.

Buy Pants Used to Rp56 Million Worth Ring

by Data01012011 in Politics, June 27, 2012

Buy Pants Used to Rp56 Million Worth Ring.

Global Warming: An Inconvinient Truth? Or a Convinient Lie?

by Andrew J. Blalock in Issues, March 10, 2011

One of the most popular and widely believed theories on our climate change is Al Gore’s “global warming theory”. There are many reasons why his theory that people are the cause of climate change is false.

The World’s Classic Dishes: A Taste of History

by Mr Ghaz in History, April 4, 2010

The origin of mayonnaise is one of the most disputed in culinary history. The French duke of Mayenne is one of the first to whose name it was attached, allegedly as early as 1589.

Fred Thompson: A Threat to Law

by Shelly McRae in Politics, September 16, 2007

Former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson seeks Republican Candidacy. He would work to overturn Roe vs Wade.

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