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Why You Need a Recovery Coach for Addiction

by pikachuana in Support Groups, May 7, 2014

Why You Need a Recovery Coach for Addiction.

Sex Addiction Recovery and Why I Should Follow The 12 Steps

by Ryan E in Support Groups, April 11, 2014

The main reason you should follow a 12 step program to treat sex addiction is because such programs, based on techniques pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous, have been known to work. That said, unfortunately there is little in the way of solid, scientific data showing recovery rates on people who went through a 12 step program.

Child Sponsorship &Ndash; Do or Don’t?

by GeorgeSH in Society, October 12, 2013

Sponsorship to facilitate gears towards the upgrading of children’s lives has been individual of the forefronts to make progress the living of persons situated in poverty-stricken, third-world countries.

The Legal Side of Sponsorship

by billyandross in Issues, October 12, 2013

Sponsorship, by nature, is a company issue; and as with whatever thing so as to is in the arena of deals, partnerships and mergers, a officially permitted agreement is all the time in the facility.

What is a Clean Companion?

by Gandu123 in Support Groups, July 12, 2013

Expert Writer Louis Friedman? Their first purchase of business is to create sure that the recuperating person’s home, office and automobile is free of any ideas and/or feelings changing ingredients.

How to Get Over Your Ex

by Chaesar89 in Support Groups, November 6, 2012

If a person has an experience that is physically, mentally or emotionally traumatic, the mind deals with the situation in one of several different ways. Some people abuse alcohol, food, drugs or other substances to numb the feelings they have inside. Others mourn for a short period of time, restore their faith, balance and sanity, and somehow miraculously move on. But the rest of us left over, usually those who are very analytical and logical, have trouble processing deeply troubling situations. So, we replay the painful situation over and over again in our minds, searching for an answer. But the problem is, the answer cannot be found in the rational mind, because the problem is on an emotional plain.

A Good Universal Yoga Exercises: 12-step Praise to The Sun

by ocha92 in Support Groups, October 28, 2012

Among the universal yoga workouts are going to be 12-step praise to the sun. get the picture done one or two of times whenever you arise every morning to help relieve tightness and stimulate your body. Multiple reps throughout the night can assist you to rest; insomniacs typically discover that six to 12 units build them get to sleep.

12 Step Ecard Recovery

by Midwintersdream in Support Groups, October 17, 2012

The only requirement to be a member is a desire to stop using eCards as a way to communicate dirty, sarcastic, offensive, or truths to what we all know and everyone else is thinking.

The 12 Step Program

by ariuk123 in Support Groups, June 26, 2012

Alcoholics Anonymous is an organization that is famous for helping people with addiction problems. The 12 step program is the foundation for their program. Countless people attribute their success to the program. Many individuals have incorporated the 12 step program into their lives for all kinds of addictions in addition to alcoholism and drug problems. Anyone who wants to take control may benefit from a 12 step program.

Many Benefits of 4Th Step Inventory

by stuartclarke in Support Groups, February 17, 2012

The fundamental Book figuratively describes the value of conducting a moral inventory when it compares the 4th Step process into a business proprietor taking inventory of the value of salable merchandise when discussing, "An enterprise which takes no regular inventory usually goes broke…

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