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Equality is Equality for ALL

by FireStar0139 in Advice, July 29, 2014

Every day, every person goes through a struggle. Trying to be themselves in a society that is constantly punishing each other for their differences. For their weight, what they look like, and even for their sex. It’s an old philosophy, but when I was very young, they taught me to celebrate our differences in school. Told me that our differences are what make us special.

The Knockout Game

by Andrew Tate III in Society, June 18, 2014

Where did we go wrong? Some of our youth are out of control, and we need to take it back!

Armed Man Spotted at Southside Apartment Complex, Suspect Runs From Police

by Vanity Press News in Law, June 18, 2014

Armed Man Spotted at Southside Apartment Complex, Suspect Runs from Police.

Violence in Pakistan Kills 30 Militants, One Bomb Victim

by erlymags10 in Issues, June 9, 2014

Share your thoughts about the many ills of our society.These ills almost suffocate us.

On Spiritual General Questioning

by Rei Meioh in Paranormal, April 28, 2014

Observing my own post I wish to share with others who are also interested in the questions of answering life’s meaning.

Work Place Bullying

by divine 25 in Issues, April 24, 2014

It happens to a majority of people.

Local Two Year Old Gunned Down in South Bend, Indiana

by Jeffrey Dale in Crime, April 19, 2014

Everyone from time to time must go through areas of high crime and it’s gaining traction every day.

On Child Abuse and Domestic Violence: It’s a Family Affair

by Cynthia Borden in Issues, April 7, 2014

Child abuse and domestic violence, family values and responsibility.

Sympathizers of Rebel Couple Troop to Department of Justice

by erlymags10 in Politics, March 24, 2014

Read to know.

Chris Brown &Lsquo;arrested for Violating Probation’

by kairu1 in People, March 19, 2014

Chris Botanist has been sent to jail after getting tangled out of rehab, according to reports.

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