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Society V/s Family

by Shubhraj in Issues, May 2, 2015

Society v/s Family. Question in everyone’s life!

Food Poisoning vs. Stomach Flu

by Moritz Strudel in Issues, February 7, 2015

The feeling that suddenly comes and makes you run towards the bathroom. The hope of making it and when you’re there you won’t want to talk about your experience to anyone. Yep, we all know it.

Commitment vs. Desire

by rylo23235 in Psychology, March 23, 2013

Is desire bad? Will it not force us to make progress?
But how much desire is good and enough and where should contentment begin?

Nature vs.. Nurture

by zachary svoboda in Psychology, December 14, 2012

A scholarly review of nature vs. nurture with citations.

GMO Good or Bad?

by Roodpart in Issues, December 5, 2012

Essay looking into the effects of GMOs.

Blind Date vs. Internet Date

by Bear1978 in Relationships, November 29, 2012

Blind Date vs Internet Date

Your friend has decided that you need help with your social life so she sets you up with a blind date….a friend of a friend of a friend. You, foolishly, accept. Now there you are. It’s less than one hour since you were introduced. You are sitting in a Thai restaurant and you hate Thai food. The entrée has not yet been served. His idea of enlightened conversation is who will be in the final four…you aren’t into sports. He knows the weekly TV schedule verbatim….you haven’t sat through a movie in months because you run marathons and volunteer at the local food bank. He says, “Volunteering is a waste of time because you can’t help ‘those people’ anyway.” You look at your watch; see that it’s only been 10 minutes since you last looked at it the last time and wonder how long it is before you can gracefully remove yourself from the situation. Been there?

Organic Food: THE Pros AND Cons

by BornFromAPen in Issues, November 5, 2012

A short paper written about organic foods vs regular food.

Plants vs. Zombies for PC and Mac Free Oct. 30-nov. 10

by ReaganSmashK in Holidays, October 28, 2012

PopCap’s hit family friendly video game has been played by more than 120 million people worldwide. And it’s won over 30 Game of the Year awards! Now, it’s free, for a limited time!

India vs. Pakistan The Worlds Biggest Sporting Rivalry

by Rahman Khan Ark in History, September 29, 2012

Here is a short article about the enormous sporting rivalry between india and pakistan ,which attracts about quarter of the worlds population !!And also a preview about the coming world t20 match coming sunday!!

Election 2012- Obama V/s Romney

by crowdermichael in Politics, September 2, 2012

See what they are for and what they are against and what issues they are on the same page with.

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