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Ebay Buyers Beware !!!!!!!!!!

by Dexter Milke in Issues, February 17, 2015

Udisk 2.0 128gb usb flashdrive on eBay are actually hacked eight gb usb flashdrives.

Latest Money Making Scam – “Flip Your Money.”

by FollowTheMoneyMakerNow in Issues, June 20, 2014

Latest money making scam, "Flip your money" scamming many innocent people out of their hard earned cash. Promises of flipping hundreds into thousands…

Herbal Detox and Laxative Products Formule L1 and Detox Spring Fall Recalled Due to Missing Risk Statements on Label

by D.A.Sullivan in Government, March 14, 2014

Health Canada is informing Canadians that Les Importations Herbasanté Inc. is voluntarily recalling Formule L1 and Detox Spring-Fall because the labels are missing important risk statements, including the contraindications and warnings associated with the use of these products. In addition, the two products are being sold in a single package and pose an increased risk to health when used together.

A Man Received a Devil Mantra Despite a Warning From Hid Guru Not to Propitiate Devils

by Madugundu Krishna in Psychology, December 17, 2013

Similarly the lower mind which is ego- possessed is like control it is to plant the bamboo of a holy mantra and order it to repeatedly go up and down through chanting.

Tens of Thousands Will Die in Britain This Winter

by PeterBaxterSnr in Holidays, November 30, 2013

Hypothermia will kill thousands whilst the energy companies look the other way.

Was It a Scam?

by Brenda Nelson in Issues, August 29, 2013

When I listed my sheep for sale on a website I had a buyer that seemed too good to be true, but was it a scam? An article about the problems of selling anything online.

Syria Warns The Us to Not Intervine

by HurricaneHarry in Issues, August 25, 2013

The Syrian government accused rebels of using chemical weapons Saturday and warned the United States not to launch any military action against Damascus over an alleged chemical attack last week, saying such a move would set the Middle East ablaze.

Sperm Donors Beware

by Ruby Hawk in Issues, July 26, 2013

A man donated his sperm to a couple without benefit of any doctor or legal assistance. As a result, he is being sued for the support of the child. Sperm donors beware of donating without benefit of a doctor.

One Arrested for Committing Crime in Face Book

by kcmilan in Crime, July 23, 2013

The arrestee was accused of showing in Face Book the vulgar picture of Diba Rani, a councilor candidate of last City Corporation election.

For Real Vampire Wandering, Government of Serbia Give Warning

by Akimsuhi in People, July 8, 2013

Do not imagine such a handsome vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies! Vampires who reportedly attacked a village in Serbia make the residents panicked. The death of several people who allegedly do vampires make village government issued a warning. Is it true that vampires do exist and do this horrible terror?

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