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Triond Ulsterman Quits Writing About Obama, White House Insider Not Real After All?

by seiva7 in Politics, April 4, 2011

Triond Ulsterman Quits Writing, White House Insider Not Real After All?…

President Obama: Triond Ulsterman Should be Arrested (Seize Him)

by seiva7 in History, March 10, 2011

While Ulsterman still writes articles on Triond, it seems that he is loosing his touch with reality.

Before I thought that Ulsterman’s articles have some value but I must admit that the quality of Ulsterman’s articles is going down.

The Ulsterman’s Report: Husein Obama is to Blame (There is No White America)

by seiva7 in Ethnicity, March 6, 2011

USA was always like a role model for other countries.

Example that other countries should follow.

I still remember the time when word American had completely different meaning than it has today.

Obama; We are Change, Ulsterman Must be Stopped!

by seiva7 in Politics, February 28, 2011

Our beloved president finally decided to move on.

Order from the top that the Triond writer Ulsterman must be stopped at all costs is kind of surprise because nobody believed that Obama would say it openly.

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