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911 Faqs and More Questions

by afaceristonline in Issues, December 12, 2012

Here are some pertinent questions that to this day still have not been answered:

Why did the FBI stop their investigation in Mid 1996 of two of Osama bin Laden’s relatives in Washington and a Muslim organisation, the World Assembly of Muslim Youth?

Was it because they had orders from higher up to stop any investigations related to the Bin Laden Family?

Why did George W.Bush give the order to stop inquiries into the terrorist connections of the Bin Laden family based in the US and abroad in early 2001?

Why did the US Government allow all the Bin Laden Family members to fly out of the US while all other air-Traffic was grounded? Was it because the Bin Laden family has been funding the Bush family politically for a long time?

Is America Safe After 9/11? 11 Year Anniversary and The Death of Bin Laden

by jamestt in Issues, September 13, 2012

Is America safe after 9/11? 11 year anniversary and the death of Bin Laden. Has his death could be a cause that another terrorism act could be upon the U.S?

CNN- NOT as Truthful as YOU Think

by mrfluet in Crime, June 4, 2012

This victim took his plea by emailing CNN and low and behold not one thing was done. They never contacted the victim nor did they even attempt to look at the I find it appalling that these news media companies are refusing to portray what is really going on.

09/11 Trial

by rustygold in Issues, May 5, 2012

Trial for accused terrorist attacks on the United States that took place 11th September 2001 begins.
The process is carried out before the military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, which again provoked criticism of the White House.
Human rights activists believe that the process will not be fair.

Some Options Before Navy Seal Raid and Killed Osama Bin Laden

by Ketop Joze in Issues, May 1, 2012

Six weeks before U.S. Navy SEAL raid that killed Osama bin Laden, in May last year, the top officials in security administration of President Barack Obama to argue about the various options, including dropping a bomb into the experimental mini castle al-Qaeda leader in Pakistan, eliminate complex with a B-2 stealth bomber or invite Pakistan to do joint operations.

New Theory of The WTC Collapse

by Rahmat Syam in Issues, April 26, 2012

The twin towers of the skyscrapers of the World Trade Centre (WTC)in New York, who hit two planes on 11 September 2001, did notcollapse due to fire, but due to melting of the two aircraft aluminum.

The Letter to The Commonwealth

by mrfluet in People, April 22, 2012

This is a letter to the governor of the Commonwealth demanding he takes responsibility to make restitution due to he liable.

Beware of Fraudulent Employers

by mrfluet in Law, April 21, 2012

I am calling on all people of the United States to write to the Governor of their state and demand that businesses be put on stricter punishments for racketeering and fraud.

CIA : Osama Was Not The Mastermind Behind The Attacks of 11 September 2001

by Ketop Joze in Issues, March 31, 2012

Osama bin Laden was not the mastermind behind the attacks of 11 September 2001. Al Qaeda’s leaders also rejected a plan to destroy the twin towers in New York, United States (U.S.).

“You”re Scared! I’m The One That Went Through Hell’: How Fake 9/11 Victim Tormented Genuine Survivors

by Ndaloe Prasetyo in People, March 25, 2012

She was well-known for remaining the 9/11 problems, one of only twenty individuals to evade dying above the factor of effect in the Southern region Structure.

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