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Amway: The Reality – Facts and Fictions (Pros and Cons)

Before you start joining MLM, kindly read this article, based on user opinions.

The three lies or I should say ‘ hyped lies ‘ used by promoters to join are.

1) Success will be very easy.

You will most likely hear in one of the meetings that generating sales is easy because you have friends, family, and acquaintances that are likely to buy the products.

The truth is no one likes feeling pressured and being pitched to. A lot of people find that eventually friends and family will get tired of trying to be sold on something. Success is possible, but like anything, it will take hard work and diligence. So don’t keep pressuring the people in your life, instead, get creative in your strategy to reach potential consumers. Your team will have ideas and advice too.

2) You can simply be an IBO in your spare time, at only a few hours a week.

The truth is, it takes more time than just a few hours a week to start to see any real money. And time is not the only one factor come into play,  it needs skills like your sales and personal skill.

3) Amway is the best way to own your own business and gain real independence.

In this hierarchy, the orders will still come from the top. But if you don’t care about the “true independence” in your venture, then this point is irrelevant.



Facts and Fictions about Amway :-


Pros about Amway:


  •      residual income
  •      feel like you are your own boss
  •      support system


Cons about Amway:-

  •        might take several years to achieve real success
  •        over-priced items + shipping costs makes products hard to sell
  •        requires direct, personal sales, and recruiting
  •        Requires attending weekly meeting
  •       Amway saturates because most people will never join and half of the ones who do join become wise like me and either quit or master the art of deception and become successful.
  •      You end up buying products so you have first-hand experience when you talk to customers. You joined to make money but you are now a customer yourself.

Real Facts about Amway

  •        Amway has survived all the legal challenges mounted against it.
  •        People continue to quit their jobs and make 6-digit incomes in Amway.
  •       The so-called pyramid hasn’t crashed – not even after 50 years!
  •       Systems do exist that can help you recruit for explosive growth.




It’s up to you to decide now whether to join or not. :)


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