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Compilation of the Different Kinds of Scientists

Here is a compilation of some kinds of Scientists with their field of study.

Want to become a scientist but don’t know what kind? Check out this list which contains some kinds of scientist with their field of study, it can help you figure out which scientist you want to become or which scientist to approach in case you need help in different fields.

  • Anthropologist- The kind of scientist that specializes on different cultures, languages and human    development.
  • Archaeologist- One that studies on artifacts and ruins of past civilization.
  • Astronomer- Another kind of scientist which specializes on history, planetary motion of things and the universe.
  • Biologist- The scientist who studies on how living things communicate and commonly on the study of life.
  • Biotechnologist- studies biological processes to create medicine and cure.
  • Botanist- The kind of scientist that practices and research on plants.
  • Chemist- A scientist that deals with elements, compounds, combinations and reactions of chemicals.
  • Computer Scientist- Specializes on computer programming and creation of hardware and software programs.
  • Ecologist- One that studies the structure and balance of environmental life systems.
  • Economist- deals on money and business and how it would affect the society.
  • Engineer- Although, it isn’t considered much as a scientist to other people, it concerns on the design and construction of objects, structures, systems and machines.
  • Entomologist- A not so common scientist which studies all about insects.
  • Epidemiologist- A doctor-like scientist who deals on the causes and control of diseases.
  •  Ethologist- The scientist who specializes on animal behavior.
  • Geneticist- The kind of scientist who deals with DNA structures, heredity and gene therapy.
  • Geologist- Another scientist who specializes on the Earth’s structure, formation of rocks, minerals and volcanoes.
  • Herpetologist- Another not-so-common scientist which specializes on reptiles on amphibians.
  • Ichthyologist- Perhaps some people don’t know this kind of scientist which deals and studies all about fishes.
  • Mathematician- focuses mostly on numbers and calculations. It differs from other scientists since its basis are concepts and not physical evidence.
  • Meteorologist-Another scientist who specializes on the climate and weather patterns and predictions.
  • Microbiologist- The kind of scientist who excels all about cellular life.
  • Oceanographer-The so called “underwater scientist” who deals all matters regarding ocean life and currents.
  • Ornithologist- A rare kind of scientist who field of study is all about birds.
  • Physicist- the most well known kind of scientist who studies on force and motion and relationship between energy and matter.
  • Physiologist- One who deals with the structures and functions within an organism.
  • Political Scientist- One who studies the governmental processes, institutions and constitutions.
  • Psychologist- One who explores social human behavior.
  • Sociologist- One who analyzes and interprets human behavior.
  • Zoologist- A kind of scientist that specializes on animals.

and the latest:

  • Exobiologist-focuses on the origins of life on Earth and explores possibility of life on other  planets.

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