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Discrimination Inside Three Staffing Agencies

The discrimination that I stomached at the hands of three staffing agencies.

I hold the Guinness record in two departments. A piece of evidence’s that I’ve labored as an Accountant for more than fifty companies in America. Another record is that I’ve been wrongfully terminated from many of them because of my physical disability.

I suffered a fall on the head when I was two years old. The fall incapacitated me, and rendered me with no motor skills. It was a narrow escape. I could have been brain damaged. It does suffice to exclaim that God saved the day! My father also saved the day! When I was four years old, he presented me with a piano on my birthday. The piano rewired my brain, and accorded me minimal motor skills. I’m truly blessed. Owing to my brain injury, I excel in advanced projects as opposed to basic ones.

Though, I’m clumsy at driving, grasping objects, standing, and walking, I’ve made up in fighting passionately for children, playing classical music, storytelling, and writing. During my undergraduate years at Hunter College, I scored mostly Bs and Cs because I moved around a great deal. Moving from point A to B intensifies my disability. In my graduate years at various graduate schools, and a law school, I was a straight A student. I didn’t move around a lot. The classes met once a week. Thus and thus, I’ve proven that God adorned me with exceptional talent after my fall.

My father always taught me to tap into my advanced aptitude. He didn’t give up on me. If anything, he bestowed upon me endless love until his dying day on October 7, 2003. His love would forever patina inside me. My father and I shared an extraordinary bond. He also fell down. He fell down from his horse, and slipped into a coma. Then, he woke up on my birthday.

Like I said, I’ve been getting the cold treatment from many companies because of my physical disability. Whenever a company fired me, I’d walk away. I invented the concept of walking away since I was two years old. On June 20, 2003, the day before my June 21, 2003 birthday, my only child was kidnapped. Four months later, my father died on October 7, 2003. Since my son’s kidnapping, and father’s death, I graduated to the concept of suing companies for refusal to hire me, sexual harassment, and wrongful terminations. The brain is a mass of muscles. It took both my son’s kidnapping, and my father’s death for my brain to mature. I’d now like to share with you the acts of discrimination, obsession, and terrorism that I suffered inside three staffing agencies in America.

To date, Accountemps is the staffing agency that I’ve worked with the longest. I started laboring for them in 1991, and they stopped assigning me to contract assignments ten years later in 2001. Since the ill fated day on September 10, 2001, the day before the September 11, 2001 massacre, Accountemps blacklisted me. Why? Accountemps made a career of selling me to their clients. They brought prostitution to the table as opposed to professionalism. I’m an Accountant.

I’ve a Bachelors degree in Accounting, Economics, and Mathematics from City University of New York. I was a straight A student in my graduate classes, including MBA courses, and a JD Class. Accountants are one of the most professional people, if not the most professional. I’ve always known where to draw the line. I never mix business with pleasure.

Furthermore, I articulated in my W4 that I was married. But Accountemps deliberately chose to look the other way. They refused to grasp reality because they hoped to sell me to the highest sick and twisted bidder in 2001. Thus, and thus, some employers became obsessed with me. Some falsely imprisoned me in the bathroom, hallway, and kitchen where they assaulted me mercilessly. At one time, I was locked inside the reception area for more than two hours. One employer locked the gates, and returned home with the keys so I wasn’t able to leave the premises until two security guards opened the gates. If this isn’t both an act of obsession, and terrorism, then what is it? I await your response.

During a bowling game, I fell down because neither grasping objects nor running is my forte. In the same month, Accountemps wrongfully terminated me from the contract to hire assignment. Employers are obligated by law to accommodate a disabled person. Isn’t it dire enough that I have minimal motor skills? Why should I be blamed, and fired for having fallen down?

As an accountant, I kept the budget in 2000. For the record, all the accounting files are confidential. Sometimes, some of these employers would lurk behind my office in the hopes of bumping into me. As a disabled woman, I would rise slowly from my chair to prevent any falls only to witness one of these evil minds wallop into me. Some loitered around dangerously behind my cubicle or office while others waited anxiously in the restrooms.

I always brought enthusiasm, optimism, and professionalism to my assignments. Yet, I was wrongfully terminated because of my physical disability. In July 1998, Accountemps ordered me to sleep with one of their male clients during a contract to hire assignment in order to land the permanent assignment with the company. On the day that I answered “no”, Accountemps telephoned me at home at 8:00 P:M to terminate me. On another occasion, Accountemps terminated me because of my belief in family values.

“My husband and I are busy raising my son,” I said.

One employer queried me. She wanted to know if I were affiliated with any organization in September 2001. I answered by reminding her that I had a teenaged son. At the time, I was home schooling my son. He earned his high school equivalency diploma t 16. Afterwards, I enrolled him at Strayer University when he was 16 years old. When I returned home, Accountemps fired me via my voicemail at 7:00 P:M when I was the Acting Finance Director of a non-profit organization. Initially, I thought that it was a prank call.

Immediately, I telephoned them that I would be returning to retrieve my personal belongings from my office and refrigerator. The assignment was supposed to last four months as opposed to four days. It didn’t make sense at all that Accountemps would terminate me via a voicemail. The law is precise to the point. Termination of any sort should be carried out face to face, in writing, or by telephone. Not via a voicemail! I thought that it was a prank call. When I returned to work the following day, Accountemps became a terror on wheels.

“Amanda, you’re fired again and again for not following instructions!,” yelled an Accoumptemps male employee.

“I thought that it was a prank call. This assignment is supposed to last four months. Not four days,” I said.

“Amanda, you’re fired again and again for disobeying orders! Leave now! Accountemps will no longer assign you to any assignments!” he yelled.

As always, I packed up my attach case, personal belongings, and returned home. Never once did I exhibit anger or violence. Instead, I learned to voice out my disappointments over the phone, and in writing.

On another occasion, Accountemps wrongfully terminated me because I refused to send my then eleven year son to a boarding school during the time that I was a senior financial analyst with a company in Long Beach, California. My supervisor wanted me to go with him to Las Vegas. I answered “no.” Then, he issued me an ultimatum. He gave me three weeks to send him away. Otherwise, he would terminate me. Three weeks later, I returned to work without tossing my son into a boarding school. He was enraged, and he fired me on the spot.

The job lasted five months as opposed to more than five years. When I telephoned an attorney about a civil lawsuit in March 1998, my son was pushed off his skateboard. He broke his wrist. He wore a cast for six weeks. I reported it to Torrance Police Department (TPD) as a hate crime. The City of Torrance paid for his medical expenses. Afterwards, we moved to the Washington, DC area in May 1998.

When Accountemps finally realized that I wasn’t dancing to the tune of their male clients, they made a conscious decision to put me on the market, and trade me to their female clients in every sense of the phrase. Some of them assaulted, and sexually harassed me in the copier room, kitchen, offices, and restrooms. As always, I walked away. Like I said, I’m married, and I never mix business with pleasure, but Accountemps refused to take hold of the reality of it all. Time and time again, they displayed acts of discrimination, obsession, and terrorism towards me all because of my physical disability.

Hence, I’ve sued Accountemps more than any staffing agency in America. I sued Accountemps in Atlanta, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Seattle, Providence, and Washington, DC. On every single lawsuit, they refused to settle so that they would continue to terrorize me and my family. I now believe that Accountemps masterminded my son’s kidnapping, and father’s death. They’ve always wanted him out of the picture in an attempt to control my personal life.

When Accountemps hurled me to a law firm in Washington, DC in 2001, I thought that I’d be treated with respect. Instead, my son and I suffered some personal losses. When I inquired from my lawyer supervisor about collecting child support from his father, my son was assaulted on the head the day after. The doctors at Georgetown Hospital stitched him up. To this day, he has no hair on his left brow. His father disappeared since the day that he was conceived because he didn’t want to pay child support.

In June 2001, I found him alive and kicking in New York City when my son was 15. It’s the reason that I inquired from my supervisor about back pay, and child support. My supervisor refused to point me in the right direction. He didn’t even refer me to any agencies.

I worked as the Acting Controller from 9:00 A:M until 6:00 P:M. On the day that my son was assaulted, my supervisor ordered me to leave the premises at 5:30 P:M without offering any explanations. It was bizarre! My son had never telephoned me at work. He didn’t have my work number because I gave him my cellular number. My supervisor and my son had never met. Two employees urged me to conduct a police investigation to learn why my son was assaulted after I consulted with my supervisor about collecting child support from his father. I couldn’t fathom the connection between my son’s father and my supervisor so I didn’t conduct a police investigation.

Two weeks later, my jewelry worth more than $3,000,000.00 was stolen from my attaché case. I kept the attaché case locked up inside one of the cabinets in my office. During the time that I used the restrooms, my attaché case was locked up inside the cabinets along with the confidential accounting records. It was only me and my supervisor who had access to the cabinets. When I asked my supervisor to inquire from the employees if anyone had seen my jewelry, he became a terror on wheels.

“Amanda, gather your belongings!” yelled my supervisor.

“Why?” I asked.

“Accountemps’s sending someone to replace you!,” yelled my supervisor.

“Why?” I asked again.

“Amanda, you are fired again and again,” yelled my supervisor.

“Al right,” I said.

“Good luck to you, Amanda!” he yelled.

“Best wishes, Scott,” I said.

On September 10, 2001, the day before the September 11, 2001 catastrophe, he wrongfully terminated me because I reported that my jewelry was missing. Afterwards, I reported my stolen jewelry to Washington, DC police. I wanted them to give him the third degree, but the police declined. Two years later on June 20, 2003, my son was kidnapped, and on October 7, 2003, my father died because of the acts of discrimination, obsession, and terrorism that we suffered.

My son and I were on our way to Massachusetts to continue our studies, but the sick and twisted minds in the Washington, DC area again refused to grasp the reality of it all. To this day, they’re still holding my son as a slave in the hopes that I might return. I will never give the enemy the ammunition. I might add that I forgot my radio at work when he unceremoniously terminated me. Several times, I telephoned Accountemps about my radio.

“You should go and pick it up,” said a male employee of Accountemps.

“I can’t. He yelled at me. His yelling increased the intensity of my physical disability. Several times, I fell sideways. He never once inquired if I was alright,” I said.

“I can’t help you,” he said.

When I arrived, I telephoned my former supervisor from downstairs because I couldn’t afford to go upstairs since his yelling increased the intensity of my physical disability. During the six week assignment, I fell sideways on a number of occasions. He didn’t apologize. Instead, he made a mockery of the situation by bashing an eyelid like a harebrained.

“I’m waiting at the security guard’s desk. Please send someone to bring down my radio. It’s a gift from my husband,” I said.

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  1. Matt

    On December 16, 2007 at 7:35 pm

    I have a small and maybe insignifigant point of view. After one altercation, after one violation of my rights, after one solitary act of sexual harassment, I would leave and seek employment elsewhere. You seem like you may be able to come up with a conspiracy theory or two but you seem like a lucid person. You tend to blame everyone else for all your problems, and I think you are making most of this up. Let me guess, the complaints you file with upper management never bear fruit because it is always your word against theirs, and with as many altercations that you have, it is difficult to find your story cridible. As sad as it is that you may be telling the truth, I just don’t believe you. It doesn’t add up. if you were telling the truth, you would quit and sue right away. Instead, you stayed until it effected your whole family. Now even if you were telling the truth, you’ve got to admit some responsibility should fall on you for that. Many people struggle to overcome adversity every day. It is not easy, yet they pull through. I am not going to sit here and pretend that I know how hard it is to live with a disability such as yours, but I can tell you that part of the reason people like to pick on you is because you enjoy being a victim. While you may not enjoy being picked on, you do enjoy the pitty from other people for the hardships you suposidly endure. If what I am saying is pissing you off, please note that I am still typing as a favor. It is a favor because I also know that you are a drama queen and after reading this, you will go crying on the closest shoulder. When you do, you should read it out loud and leave this last part out. Second thought, you may want to keep this to yourself as whoever you read this to may have a brain cell or two and agree with me.

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