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Do Colours Really Affect Your Performance?

Colors affect the way we deal with things in our lives.

Color is an important part of our environment. It’s a common observation that one feels good when he or she is wearing his favorite color. Color can affect your mood, your job performance even your love life. Color Therapy is a developing whole new science which deals with affect of colors on humans. From choosing colors for your apparel to painting your house, the colors need to be chosen wisely as they have a psychological impact on human brain.

Following are some established facts based on studies related to impact of color in our Daily lives:

Blue gives the impression of a cooler temperature.

Men wear blue to attract women

If women want to appeal to men, they should wear yellow-based reds.

Women have a broader acceptance range of color for all situations.

Green environment makes people feel secure.

Black is accepted by all socio-economic groups.

White work environments encourage precision.

Orange combined with blue gives the impression of greater strength.

Brown is a good color for living or working environments.

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