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Do You Make The Same Mistakes Over and Over?

Some people seem to be going nowhere in life. It is often as a result of making the same mistakes over and over. Do you make the same mistakes over and over?

In my many travels in this world and with my experiences with other people, I have noticed that there are some people that seem to make the same mistakes over and over again in life but still wonder why they make no progress.

There are always those people that seem to get into one bad relationship after another. So why is that? Part of it is the type of people they are attracted too. Unfortunately, they are often attracted to people with a certain personality type that does not work with them. Many fail to realize that and just keep getting involved with the wrong people.

Then there are people who might make the same type of mistakes with their jobs. Maybe they screw up because they just don’t have a good work ethic and can’t understand why they keep getting fired from one job after another. They may never stay at a place long enough to advance, so they just go from one dead end job to another. A job can seem like a dead end job at first but sometimes a person can actually make something of it if he really applies himself and certain opportunities arise that he might be a good fit for. Those things have happened for me. Even though I thought that some of those jobs were dead end jobs, I still tried to maintain a good work ethic. So, on some of those jobs, I stood out and got promoted over other people who had worked at those places longer.

A person might have difficulties in dealing with other people. Perhaps they just aren’t very good at certain social skills. So they make the same mistakes in dealing with people, over and over again. Perhaps there may be friction with family members or co-workers on their jobs or with their spouse or significant other. Sometimes they just need to know that they will have to make more of an effort to maintain those relationships. To some people, relating to others is easy, but it might require more effort on your part and maybe the same mistake you make over and over is not realizing that and putting in the extra effort.

The key to resolving this situation of having the same problems resurface over and over again is to figure out what it is that YOU are doing wrong. Because if the same things keep coming up over and over again, it might just be that YOU are contributing to the likelihood of those problems coming back to bite you on the you know what.

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