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Eight Reasons to Quit Your Job in 2013

You no longer have a choice. The myth of career building and operation of the corporation ended. Not because things are bad with the economy. Because the new technology and globalization give you the best opportunity than ever.

Here are eight reasons why corporate quiet haven need to leave now:

1. Corporations do not care for you.

Recently, the news editor of a major publication complained to me: “The authors have taken the fashion include your twitter under publications. On their tweeters signed by many people, and the authors are beginning to demand a pay rise. ”
“So what’s the problem?” – I asked. “Do not you want your authors were popular and respected in the Web?”
“There is. We are news publication. We do not want to grow the stars. ”
In other words, his job was to destroy the career aspirations of their own people. He would even prefer that the authors were working less and less, just to have been loyal and continued to work on the same terms.

2. More money does not mean more happiness.

Studies show that the increase in income increases the level of happiness by a small amount. Or does not increase. Let’s say your salary is $ 2,000. It increased by $ 500. You buy a new computer, sofa, TV more. And then wonder, “Where did the money go?”
Do not hold the job for the sake of gain. It will not save you from the fear of the future. This value are the free time and the ability to disappear from work when you want to.

3. Count how many people can ruin your life one solution.

If you are an employee, you are likely to have one person on whom you depend heavily. This is your boss. Someday he will seize this opportunity. How to stop him? Spread the risk. Let such people would be a lot, but the actions of each of them individually do not have to hurt you badly.

4. Do not expect to retire.

I do not care about the size of my retirement savings. Pension – a myth. Inflation will eat it and incompetent managers of pension funds. Even under the most optimistic scenario, the pension will not live the way you live now.
The only way to avoid this – to work not to retire, but for themselves. Anyone can be an entrepreneur. Even if very small, with only one person in the “state” – himself.

5. Justification.

“I’m too old.” “I’m not creative ideas.” “I have children.” All these are just words.
I was once at a party. I was approached by stunningly beautiful woman and asked, “James, how are you?”
“WHAT? Who is she? “- Flashed through my head. I returned the greeting, and myself continued to wonder why it appealed to me. I was too ugly. On who she is, I guess only a few minutes.
Six months ago, her old-fashioned dressed woman was fired from his job. She went to collect things, and began to cry. Blurred figure view of the 30 years older than the actual age, and now it’s … She continued to cry, until I realized that this is the beginning of a new life.
In the film, George Lucas «THX-1138″ shows a similar situation. People live underground in a totalitarian society. They say that on the surface radiation. One of the residents called THX-1138 runs out. And discovers that there is no radiation. There, the sun is shining and life is good.

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