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Ethical Treatment of Employees

The success of the job performance depends how the employer treats the employee.

The performance of an employee is the core assessment to be evaluated if one is performing a job well. The environment where he is also another factor affecting how he feels working with the workplace.  The co-workers in the workplace are also a contributing factor how the employee reacts in the environment.  The relationship among members will solely be an issue if an employee does better.  All these issues are the key indicators if an employee performs best performance. In most workplace, the ethical actions implemented are the sounding value to fair and justice with the part of the employer.  If the workplace ethics served well, the line of communication between workers turns to respect. The policy that sticks with law and rules are regulations help the employer-employee relationship to be equal and harmonious.  The unfair practices must be discouraged like unfair hiring and firing practices. The treatment of the employers must be ‘’fair’’ and ‘’right’’ and must give what is due to every employee. Professionalism and workplace attitude will take account that makes an employee become adjusted with the workplace.  A positive thinking towards work creates effectiveness and productivity.   It is imperative that the knowledge of rights, ethical actions leads the person to avoid misconduct.                                                                    

Ethics in the workplace is essential for the reason that employees feel secure and contented in the environment.  The guidelines are applied to ensure that employees are comfortable at work.   This can also help making sure all employees are providing   the outputs to the best for the customers.  In this way, the proper ethics plays vital role to for the success of the company.  It is unfortunate to the companies who fail in doing unethical decisions made at work.  The ethical treatments of employees cover from paying fairly that will provide the workers to compensate the effort they work for.  Inhuman labor practices are bad for business and would create a company to distrust and may charge to a lawsuit.  

The conflict in the workplace occurs with the employees to employees, managers, and customers.   When an employee is harassed and this may lead to a decrease of frequent absences, withdrawal and low productivity.   This can also affect low self-esteem and can cause isolation. With such, the abuser may charge to lawsuits. The employees stay in abusive situations because some employees are lack of skills and experience.  The temper, lack of values, inappropriate mindset, lack of policy of reporting abuse, are the factors why abuse is repeatedly done to the employees.   In lieu of this, there are also preventive ways to stop employee abuse, such as: controlling emotions, educating the proper mindsets, implementing organizational values due respect of employees, and an organizational values policy with respect to the customers, acquainting the labor law, rights of employees are the privileges of employees who are abused.

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