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Global Economic Recession, Yields Little Hope for This World

A world scale economic recession where the rich will get richer and the poor, poorer. The middle class will be no more. It is up to the individual, which way they wish to go. Global debt crises as the rich monopolize and control assets much to the detriment of developing nations. Competition, corruption and high scale game playing is on the loose.

Much of government services play on the hope of “you help me and I will help you basis”. Bare necessities are what the baseline wage provides for. Many are trying to increase their income with second jobs or other part time activities. Time is of the essence and lost time now becomes lost money.

Luxuries  fall away as people grope onto meager incomes to desperately hold onto what they still own. Influx of foreigners , in essence cheap labor, who still provide the same if not better skills, at the expense of the countries own people.

Financial chaos reigns, and becomes the order of the day. It is all about making  a profit, never mind the abuse of all those along the way. Privatisation of all special services now operates on a profit basis, with levies and surcharge increasing to enormous proportions. The middle class are slowly drained of their resources falling into the scales of the poor. 

Management of financial resources requires wit and wisdom as a saving in any form soon becomes the order of the day. Skilled workers are cutting down on rates to attract more business and professions are losing essence of their proper function, as many fields now overlap with the next.

A cut throat disposition as people try to steal and collect all that they can for themselves. In all of this,  rights of the worker still holds strong weight, irrespective of whether the business is on the brink of closing down and bankruptcy. 

It becomes a question of priorities gone all wrong, as most factories are tied in with labor issues, never mind the blunder of any financial ruin to these companies. Corruption is on the increase with formation of in groups and out groups.

A rather pathetic state of affairs as redressing issues on fairness and employment is driving the country into ruin. Overwork and abuse of workers further quantifies the crises as people now start to join the gravy train and all care and ethics get thrown out the window.

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