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How to Deal with a Competitive Colleague

Is an rival co-worker making your days a nightmare? Find out how to deal with them…

A co-worker turned rival can make the nine to five seem like an eternity. Here’s how to deal with someone determined to outshine you:

Dealing with a competitive colleague can be a positive experience. While it can make work stressful, especially if you aren’t the assertive type, it can also motivate you to improve. Start assessing your own performance to find any weak spots. What can you improve upon? Do you need to polish your image or get more involved in the social aspect of work? Focus on your achievements and work on your weaknesses. Doing so will make you much more confident about dealing with your workplace rival.

While a little competition can be a good thing, it’s important to know when someone is over stepping the mark and what you can do about it. If your co-worker is sabotaging you in meeting or taking credit for your work, that can’t be tolerated. However, before talking to your boss you should try to resolve the issue with them. Don’t start accusing them though, just calmly state how you feel. By being assertive your rival will see that your no push-over and should desist. If they lash out at you or the dispute escalates, then bring it up with your boss.

It’s important to be proactiv in matters like this. While it’s true that employers like a little healthy competition in the workplace anything that makes you become anxious about coming to work or consider leaving will be of concern to them. A lot of work is team-based so fostering good relationships between colleagues is of great importance. When talking to your boss stay calm and speak proffessionally. Don’t attack the other party, simply state what has been going on and why you feel something has to be done about it.

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