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How to Find a Job in a Recession

Finding a job is difficult during the best of times, but in a recession, finding a job requires extra effort and a job hunting strategy.

During hard economic times, people are fired, laid-off or businesses close. The key to finding a new job is not a matter of experience or skill. It is a matter of having a job hunting strategy. A job hunting strategy helps you focus on finding your next position. Now is not the time to vacation or relax. In today’s economy finding a new job immediately is essential to retaining your current lifestyle since the longer it takes to find a job the less likely employers will offer salaries or wages equal to your experience.

First Steps

Employees, that have been laid-off because of a business move or downsizing, need to request a letter from Human Resources declaring that you are a displaced worker. That letter will open the door to government programs not offered to regular workers. Displaced workers have access to government programs that other unemployed people do not have. For more Information, visit your local Work Force office. It is important to sign up for government resources for re-education, to get a degree, and unemployment benefits immediately. 


Set Goals

Just because you are unemployed does not mean you should forget your career goals. In the course of a career, many lose their jobs or are fired for reasons out of their control, by setting financial goals and planning for a future help maintain focus allowing you to seek options that can help fulfill these goals. 


Redo Your Resume

Over 90% of U.S. corporations use some type of human resource product to collect resumes during a job opening. Use key industry terms throughout your resume to describe your experience. Human Resource personal often use keyword searches to find qualified applicants.

High salaried unemployed workers should hire a professional copywriter with Search Engine Optimization experience to rewrite their resume to maximize exposure. Avoid gimmicky video resumes and other time consuming marketing ideas. HR personnel are overstaffed and distain these time consuming presentations. 


Make sure to network with business contacts in your field, by graciously thanking them for their support. Keep in touch with your business contacts and go to career related public events. Networking is one of the best ways to find a job.


Set a Time Limit

The unemployed often run into financial problems when unemployment runs out. There may come a time where the realities of your industry will not support your current career goals. Finding a temporary job while re-evaluating career goals is vital for financial health, by setting a time limit on your initial job search it allows flexibility for other career opportunities or re-education.

Seek Counseling

You may be out of work but that does not mean you can ignore the signs of depression. Beware of becoming depressed when unemployed. Staying at home while others work can be a depressing experience. Many states offer services to help displaced working adjust and succeed after a job loss. To find supporting services visit your state’s internet portal.

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