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Influences on Career Choice

Chances are that in our lifetime we will work in many different career fields. Today it might take longer than in previous years to find our ideal career. The reason why we might take longer to find our ideal career is because of various influences and factors in our lives, such as family history relative to work and education, your own work and educational experiences, and job availability due to advances in technology.

Family History

The career fields your family works in can affect your decision of the field you work in. Family members can give you a very informational view of the career fields they work in. The information they share with you is reliable, and can help you decide if you are interested in that career field or not.

From Experience

Another very reliable source for information on different careers is your own experience. A difference between an inside view from family and your own experience is you can tell if you really like certain types of jobs from working, instead of just hearing about it and thinking if it sounds interesting or not. Experience also gives you the chance to pick and choose the individual things that you enjoy or don’t like doing. It can be thought that personal experience is a bigger influence on the career field that you choose than family history, since you can understand your own experiences more.

Innovations Affect Jobs

Many new innovations affect job availability. Job availability can influence your career choice, because demand in a certain field might bring that career, one that could potentially interest you, to your attention. Advances in technology could also negatively impact your career field of interest. There is a possibility you might not get into that career field if that career because mostly automated.

A few factors that influence your career choices are family, personal experience, and new technology. Family can give a preview of a certain career, personal experience can tell you what in greater detail you like and don’t like about a specific career, innovations affect job availability, which can tell you how badly you want to work in that career field. These are different factors that can influence your career choice.

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