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Looking for a Home Office Job? Work on The Internet

I have looked around for a while and it is hard to find genuine job offers. There are a lot of scams on the Internet. When I find any other options, I will update. All you need is a Computer, Telephone and the Internet. This is great for stay at home moms!

I have been looking round for sometime for options to work at home.  I have young children and I can not afford to go to work and pay for the child care.  After much hunting around I found some great ways to make money.  These are proper jobs so you will need to apply.  Looking for homeworkers is difficult for most companies as they need someone that can genuinely work and concentrate in their home surroundings.  Also, the reason a lot of companies offer home working as an option is that they can not get enough employees in their own towns/cities.

Most of these options are working in sales, customers services.  As far as I am aware you are paid for the training at a set hourly wage.  Some then offer commission structures.  I would enquire further.  I know Marketlinc are very good and they make sure you are earning your hourly wage before they put you on to the commission structure.  Ask further on how they work. 

Below are a few websites to try for On-line based jobs.

Be a Kgb agent.  If you work in either America, Canada or the Philippines click here for more information.  This link will take you to a post which gives all the details on this opportunity.  It is guaranteed money, You can work from home and work whenever you like. There is also a company that works very similar called Chacha w=that you could try. They both have a test that you have to do online before you can move on to the training.  See the link in this section about the position.

I do have a few other suggestions that are also genuine that you may want to consider.  They are not on-line jobs, however you can do them at home.

The first one is Mystery shopping.  I have used this site personally and find it is good.  Doing a mystery shop at a bank for example can range between $15-38.  Please take a look at this option.  You apply for any shops you are interested in doing.

Now the other option is a little different BUT I have done this too in both England and Canada.

What about selling AVON?

This has a very small start up cost and you get 2 campaigns worth of brochures and some bits to get you going.  It is all based on commission but you can sell at work, door to door or at parties. You earn anything from 10% and the sales are pretty easy to achieve a higher percentage such as 30%.

***SCAM WARNINGS  If anything is asking for money upfront.  Be cautious.  There are a lot of scams just trying to get your card information or money for false promises.

Earn Money for Shopping. referring & reading emails etc.

There are so many websites offering silly point systems or 0.002 per email for example.  You could join them all and you would be lucky to even earn anything.   I have tried and registered at a few and on some of them you don’t even know what to do once you have registered.  However,  I came across SNAP DOLLARS. Click this link to take a look.  I personally think this is one of the best and it is really easy to understand.  You can even earn money on ordering you Avon products online. They offer money for joining certain services and you also have a lottery on the site which you gain 3 tickets automatically each day.  All you have to do is pick the number.  If you recommend anyone they will pay you $5 plus 10% of their earnings.  The great thing I like about this is if you have a website you can even add one of their banners which will also give you $5 for anyone signing up through the link on your own site.  Plus I forgot to mention they also give you $5 for signing up.


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